PRODUCT TEST: Antigravity Tire Inflator

Antigravity is a brand best known for lightweight lithium-ion powersports batteries and compact lithium jumpstarters. Antigravity’s 12-volt tire inflator brings extra convenience to the mini 12-volt compressor concept, because it can be powered by some of Antigravity’s Micro-Start jump starter/ power supply devices or the common 12-volt accessory socket on most ATVs, UTVs, cars and trucks. It’s also more compact than most, measuring just 4.25 (108) x 3.5 (90) x 1.5 inches (38mm) and weighs only a pound. It has a gauge and an LED light for night use.

The kit comes with two detachable cables for the inflator, a 12-inch one for connecting to the Micro-Start’s 12-volt port and another 9-foot cable that plugs into common cigarettelighter power sockets. The kit also comes with an inflator needle for balls and a plastic inflator tip for rafts and other small inflatables. Antigravity’s tire inflator kit is $25, which is less than some small 12-volt inflators. The lowest-priced MicroStart power supply that’s compatible with the inflator is the $160 XP-1.


We didn’t realize how convenient having the Micro-Start power inflator is until we started working with it. The ability to have a compressor where there is no conventional electric power comes in incredibly handy, and the Micro-Start power supply and Antigravity inflator are pocket size, lighter, less bulky than an air tank, and more economical than disposable CO2 inflators. Normal 12-volt inflators are great, but getting air to a machine without a common 12-volt power port involves moving another vehicle into position and within range of the power cord, which isn’t always convenient.

We were also impressed with the inflator’s performance, especially considering its small size and weight. It pumped a flat 27-inch UTV tire up to 10 psi in five minutes, and the built-in gauge is accurate enough to use. The LED light is very handy, too, and can serve as a flashlight, even if nothing needs air, though the Micro-Start’s own light is better.

Some limitations come with the inflator’s small size. The air hose is only 3.5 inches long, so the inflator ends up hanging by the hose unless you support it—not a big deal since it only weighs a pound. The screw-on connector for the valve stem works well, but could be harder to use than a clip-on type if the valve stem’s threads are banged up. The power cord that connects the inflator to the Micro-Start power supply is only a foot long, which does the job, but a 4-foot cord would let you keep the Micro-Start in your pocket while it powers the inflator rather than resting it on the tire or the ground, which isn’t ideal in muddy conditions. You can always use the 9-foot-long power cord if you are near a machine that has a cigarette-lighter-type power port. The only other limitation is the Micro-Start models that will power the inflator. Only the XP-1 and XP-10 have 12-volt output sockets. The XP-3 and XP-5 won’t work with the inflator because those models only have USB outputs.

Antigravitiy’s tire inflator has done for compressed air what the company’s Micro-Start jump-starter/ power supplies have done for electric power—made it more convenient to use. It’s light and compact enough to take along on any ATV or UTV, and it’s just as handy in the shop.

CONTACT: Antigravity Batteries;, (310) 527-2330
RATING: ★★★★★
PRICE: $25

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