A bolt-on spare tire carrier made out of 1.5-inch square steel tubing that simply clamps onto the harness bar between the seats of any Can-Am Maverick X3. The foot of the rack rests on the stock plastic cargo platform and is held in firmly with a small bracket that you place under the cargo tray.

The carrier comes with lug nuts that are the same 12mm X 1.50 size as the stock ones, so you could use them on the car too if you have the need.


The car owner who knows the importance of having a spare tire on hand for every ride. It’s also for the person who values cargo rack space and wants to carry additional supplies or spare parts. Aprove says the carrier will hold up to a 32-inch tire without a roof, but we carried a 32-inch tire while using the stock roof and had no issues. Another good point to note is that the wheel studs/lugs on the plate of the carrier are the same size, 12mm x 1.50 as stock, so you could use them on your car if something happens to one of yours.

The Aprove Precursor spare tire rack installs in about 10 minutes. You will want to take a few minutes during or after your first ride to snug up the bolts one more time.


We like accessories that are simple and light weight. The Aprove Precursor spare tire carrier is that. When we first took the product out of the box, we thought it might be too light weight and not strong enough; however, after riding around for the weekend with a big Sedona Rockabilly tire mounted on a beadlock wheel, we were impressed with its durability. The wheel/tire combo weighed over 50 pounds. There was a little jiggling back there, but the tire stayed put. While we wouldn’t use this as a carrier for racing, for “joe trail rider,” it will work fine. We like the Aprove tire carrier so much, and it was so easy to install, we are ordering more for the other cars in our stable.

CONTACT: www.aproveatv.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $220

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