UTVs gain more standard features each year, but even high-end models are still fairly stripped down. That’s not a problem. It leaves the machine a blank canvas for the owner to customize for their driving conditions and personalize for the look they want. Companies like Assault Industries have found ways to fill in the blanks on stock machines with parts that add convenience and reliability. For the Assault Can-Am X3 Max build, Assault started with a Can-Am X3 Max X rs and added a group of accessories that take this current high-end model and transform it into what a top-of-the-line UTV could be like in 10 years


Aggressive drivers find Can-Am X3s can use some beefing up. Assault’s front and rear sway bar link kits eliminate play and let you adjust the sway bars for your driving style and conditions. The heavy-duty turret tie-rod kit and heavy-duty turret radius-rod kit replace the stock rods with stronger aircraft-grade aluminum parts. Assault’s shock-reservoir expansion caps increase shock capacity for more consistent damping in severe conditions.

An S&B Particle Separator pre-cleans intake air on its way to the K&N air-intake system and reusable filter. The free-flowing Gibson single exhaust lets the X3’s turbo triple breathe easier and make more power.

Assault’s F-22 rear bumper and turret radius rods toughen the X3’s tail.
Unlike the plastic stock quarter door skins, Assault F-22 doors seal the entire door opening and add the strength of durable aluminum.


Can-Am did an admirable job with the X3’s design, but every machine has room for improvement. Assault found ways to make the Maverick better from front to back. The F-22 front and rear bumpers complement the X3’s lines and guard the machine against impacts. The front bumper also includes a replaceable skid plate. The steel and aluminum Hellfire grill is stronger and more stylish than the stock plastic part. Unlike the plastic stock quarter doors, Assault F-22 doors seal the entire door opening and add the strength of durable aluminum. Sidewinder rebuildable convex side mirrors add much-needed visibility to the X3, and the breakaway design protects the mirrors against impacts. Stealth sun visors increase visibility in harsh light and stow out of the way when not needed. The Tomahawk steering wheel adds the feel and grip of real leather. Assault’s quick-release fire-extinguisher kit mounts to the cage and makes the extinguisher accessible in an instant.

Assault Sidewinder mirrors and a KC Pro6 LED light bar grip the extra-strong Off the Grid Expeditions Alpha 1 cage.
Assault’s F-22 front bumper is topped with a KC Hilites light bar. Assault’s Hellfire grill provides stylish protection for the radiator.


Assault didn’t limit itself to its own catalog when building the X3 Max. Parts from other top aftermarket sources were added to make the car as comfortable, tough and functional as possible. Fuel Gripper 8-ply tires on Fuel FF31 forged wheels keep tire and wheel trouble from ruining the ride. Simpson Pro Sport seats replaced the stock seats for more comfort and support, and Simpson’s customizing options allowed the seats to match the Assault X3’s color scheme. KC Hilites LED lights mount to the extra-strong Off the Grid Expeditions cage and let the X3’s adventures continue into the night. Rugged Radios’ 660 intercom lets everyone in the vehicle discuss the ride, enjoy music and talk with other vehicles. SSV Works’ Phase 5 Kicker five-speaker plug-and-play sound system provides high-quality sound on the trail or for the camp.

The Assault Tomahawk steering wheel adds the feel and grip of real leather, and the shifter gate panel and GT shift knob dress up the interior.


The X3 Max X rs is an amazing machine in stock form, but driving one as well-equipped as Assault’s project machine reveals how much is missing. We appreciated creature comforts like mirrors, full doors, better seats, a nicer steering wheel and sun visors instantly. The stronger suspension parts, bumpers and cage make driving more enjoyable by providing extra peace of mind. Even so, it may be more than 10 years before manufacturers offer a vehicle as fully equipped as Assault’s X3 Max X rs. The good news is, you can build one exactly like it today.

Aftermarket parts make the already well-outfitted X3 Max X rs more capable for extreme terrain and is more comfortable everywhere.


Assault Industries:

Heavy-Duty Turret Tie Rod Kit ($309.99)

Heavy Duty Turret Radius Rod Kit ($589.99)

Shock Reservoir Extender Pair ($129.99)

Front Sway Bar Link Kit ($129.99)

Rear Sway Bar Link Kit ($134.99)

F-22 Front Bumper ($424.99)

Hellfire Grill ($119.99)

F-22 4 Door Kit ($1,199.99)

Sidewinder Convex Side Mirrors ($299.99)

Stealth Sun Visors ($169.99)

Tomahawk Quick-Release Steering Wheel Kit ($329.99)

GT Shift Knob ($99.99)

Shifter Gate Panel ($84.99)

Action Camera (GoPro) Mount ($39.99)

Fire Extinguisher Quick Release Kit ($169.99)

F-22 Rear Bumper ($449.99)


Fuel Off-Road:

FF31 Forged Wheels ($740 each)

Gripper Tires ($380 x 4)


Pro Sport Series Seats ($549.95 x 4)

S&B Filters:

Particle Separator ($419.99)

K&N Filters:

63-1141 air intake system ($649)


Single Exhaust ($785)

KC Hilites:

Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar ($897.99)

28” Multi-Function Rear Chase LED Light Bar ($399.99)

Rugged Radios:

660 Plus Intercom ($599.99)

Rm-50R 50-Watt Remote Head Dual-Band Radio ($399)

M3 Two-Person Big Boss Pack w/ Hoses ($556)

Buggy Whips:

4’ LED Buggy Whips ($199 x 2)

XTC Power Products:

Plug-N-Play Turn Signal System ($339)

Factory Replacement Rocker Covers ($29.95)

SSV Works:

Phase 5 Kicker Speaker Plug-N-Play System ($2,149.95)

SXS Industries

Wiring and Sound System Install

Off the Grid Expeditions

Alpha 1 Cage ($2,000)

Proline Wraps Vehicle Wrap:

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