— Making the X3 even better —

UTVs have come a long, long way in what they come with compared to the first vehicles on the market, but it’s still surprising what you don’t get, even on high-end models. In many cases, stock machines have great power and suspension, but they still lack quite a few basic comfort and convenience items. We wanted to see what it would take to complete a machine by adding important comfort and convenience features, so we worked with Assault Industries, a company that specializes in taking care of what’s missing on today’s UTVs.

Great UTVs like the X3 don’t feel unfinished until you drive one that is truly complete, like Assault Industries’ X3 X ds project machine.


This may seem hard to believe, but Can-Am’s X3s are one of very few UTVs that come with a rear-view mirror, but they lack side mirrors, which are just as handy and important.

We replaced the stock rear-view mirror with Assault’s larger Stealth rear-view and added Bomber side mirrors. The Stealth rear-view’s convex design provides a wide field of view, and the adjustment tension can be set as snug as you like. Bomber side-view mirrors are easy to adjust and hold their adjustment well. They’re also rebuildable and customizable, with assorted face plate colors. No stock UTV we’ve seen comes with sun visors, something you’d hate to drive your road-going car or truck without. Assault’s aluminum flip-up sun visors are 5 by 14 inches, come in sets of two and use the same secure, adjustable ball and socket pivot system as their mirrors.

F-22 full aluminum doors replace the plastic stock door skins. The shaped aluminum full doors keep roost and splashes out and complement the X3’s angular styling.

The X3 comes with a cage, and it’s a nice piece, but Assault’s F-22 cage is better. It’s made from lighter, stronger chromoly and comes with welded-in intrusion bars. Many high-end UTVs come with a roof, another item we feel is essential, but it’s an option on the X3 X ds. Assault’s F-22 aluminum roof conforms perfectly to the cage’s clean lines and keeps you cooler and more comfortable in the hot sun. A fire extinguisher that’s secure and easy to access is a racing requirement that makes any machine safer, and Assault’s quick-release fire extinguisher kit is one of the best. Sturdy billet-aluminum brackets make sure the included extinguisher stays put until you need it , and the single T-handle release pin is easy to grasp with gloved hands.

Assault’s Hellfire front grill is made from steel and aluminum to be more rock resistant than the stock plastic part. The F-22 cage features intrusion bars.


Assault’s F-22 full-aluminum doors replace the plastic stock door skins, keep roost out of the cabin unlike the stock quarter doors, and the styled aluminum doors complement the X3’s angular styling. They bolt onto the stock steel door frame with no drilling or modification and hide the outer door frame.

The genuine leather, quick-release Tomahawk steering wheel has colored stitching and a rigid billet-aluminum center plate. Assault’s Stealth billet-aluminum shift knob has an accent ring available in several colors and a storage compartment inside. An SSV Works/Kicker sound system offers an alternative to the music from the Can-Am’s turbo triple.

You wouldn’t want to drive your street car without side mirrors and sun visors, so why not equip your dirt car just as well? Assault makes these important convenience and safety items available for all popular UTVs.


The X3 is one of the sturdiest stock sport UTVs made, but performance-minded drivers won’t want to miss a chance to switch to stronger, lighter suspension and chassis parts, like Assault’s turret-style radius rods and tie-rods. These aircraft aluminum parts are stronger than stock and improve suspension performance by reducing sprung weight. Assault’s F-22 front and rear bumpers add important impact protection and also brace the chassis against stress and impacts from the suspension.

Many of Assault’s accessories increase comfort and convenience, but some, like the turret radius rod kit, add strength and cut weight to key suspension components.


Assault’s project X3 gets ridden in a huge variety of terrains and locations, so its stock 29-inch tires were replaced with 30-inch MSA Motovator tires on MSA M31 Lok2 beadlocks wheels. The all-terrain tires add grip and a bit more ground clearance, and the M31 beadlocks keep them beaded, even in harsh conditions. KC Hilites’ Gravity LED Pro6 light bar lets the X3 travel as fast at night as it does in daylight.


Great UTVs like the X3 don’t feel unfinished until you drive one that is truly complete. Until fully accessorized vehicles come along, Assault Industries can provide the important parts so many stock machines are missing.





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