Assault Industries’ Ghost Tinted sun visors are similar to sun visors in automobiles. They mount to the UTV’s cage and can be pulled down easily when needed, or stowed away and out of sight. The visors use Assault’s proprietary break-away mechanism that makes it easy to position the visors and can be tightened so that the visors stay put on rough terrain. The visors are made of smoked see-throughu poly material to help reduce glare and provide a shaded sight line without obstructing your field of view. The set is $169.99 and includes two visors, clamps and installation hardware.

Color options for Assault sun visors
Assault offers colored bezels so you can color match the visors to your machine for $19.99


The Visors screw into to one-piece clamps that grip the cage tube by tightening two Allen head screws. You have to spread the clamps somewhat to get them onto the cage tube. Once you have the clamps positioned to locate the visors, install and tighten the fasteners. The clamps and visors can be installed with a 6mm Allen wrench and a 16mm or adjustable wrench. It goes on pretty easily, then two Allen-head screws tighten the clamp. The clamps include trim pieces with Assault logos that cover the screw shanks to provide a finished look.


Sun visors are like mirrors; they’re such basic driving necessities that once you drive with them, you don’t want to go without them. No modern auto manufacturer would dare offer a car without the convenience and safety sun visors provide, but no UTV, not even expensive high-end models, includes them as standard equipment. The design of Assault’s Ghost Tinted visors is specially suited to UTVing. The clamps don’t slip, and the breakaway mount’s adjustable, ball and socket design lets you set the visors at angles not possible with automotive hinge-type mounts. The ball-and-socket mount allows the visors to be adjusted or stowed easily, and also holds the setting when riding in bumpy terrain. The smoked plastic the visors are made of also allows some visibility through the visors, which can come in handy in all sorts of riding situations.


Assault’s Ghost Tinted sun visors are simple to install, easy to use and greatly improve any UTV’s safety and comfort.

CONTACT: Assault Industries;

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $169.99

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