The number-one accessory carried on or in any brand UTV is a cooler. The Assault Industries cooler bag is made with a 1000-denier vinyl outer shell, which is a tear- and fade-resistant fiber weave. A waterproof inner liner is large enough to carry lunch and drinks for at least four people on an all-day ride. A proprietary insulation is sewn in between the inner liner and outer shell. The bag can be carried away from your machine using a shoulder strap or dual grab handles. To secure it to your machine, you can weave a tie-down or small ratchet strap through nylon straps found on each side, stow it in the cargo bed or just throw it on the floorboard in front of someone with small feet. For our test we strapped it to an empty seat using a stock seatbelt.

There are several ways to carry the cooler away from the machine, as well as several ways to strap it to your machine. Seat-belted into a spare seat is our favorite, or it rides on the floor just as good.


We were able to fit 10 hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, a 12-pack of drinks under a small bag of ice and four frozen water bottles and still had room left over. The front of the bag also has a dry-storage zippered pouch that was big enough for paper plates and two big bags of beef jerky. The buns would have fit, too, but would have been smashed on the trail ride. The bag measures about 18 inches long, 14 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and takes up far less room than a medium-sized hard cooler. Everything worked out well during the test, and the soft-sided cooler worked perfect for what we needed to carry. After the ride, we left the four frozen water bottles in the cooler to see how long they would stay cold. A week later there was still ice in all of them, and the two leftover soda cans were refrigerator cold. Furthermore, as a price comparison, we looked at a similar-sized, 46-can Igloo cooler that sells for $70 all the way up to a Yeti that’s over $300. So not only is the Assault product reasonably priced, it works well for the lifestyle, just like the rest of their products we use on a daily basis.


Coolers are one of those necessities we learn about after the first few rides with our buddies. Finding the right one and the best place to carry it on the machine is the hard part. For $59.99, Assault takes the guesswork out of this issue. It makes a great gift, too. The cooler comes in bright white or a more dirt-hiding black. They both work great as a must-have UTV accessory you can use on every ride and away from the trails as well.

CONTACT:, (714) 799-6711

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $59.99

See UTV Action’s test on Assault’s Hydration Door Bags here:

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