ATV Vs. UTV: Which Is The Better Vehicle For Me?

Whether you are looking for a powerful four-wheeler to explore rough terrains or a utilitarian vehicle for effective land management, an off-road vehicle is certainly a worthy investment. From recreation to work, off-road vehicles are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Are you new to the off-roading world? All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are quad off-roading vehicles with straddle seating. Typically, an ATV can accommodate a single rider. When it comes to application, ATVs are used for a variety of tasks. From farming and carrying objects to recreational racing, ATVs have a lot to offer. 

On the other hand, utility terrain vehicles or UTVs can have four or six wheels. These robust vehicles can seat up to six passengers. A UTV allows ‘side-by-side’ riding and is fit for diverse applications. From hauling cargo to accessing primitive trails, UTVs can do it all. 

If you are confused between an ATV and UTV, let us help you. There are some distinct differences between these two types of off-roading vehicles. In this post, we’re summarizing various factors that will help you find a vehicle that’s right for you. Take a look. 



Are you looking for an off-road vehicle to participate in adrenaline-infused racing? An ATV is an ideal vehicle for high-performance riding and certain farming chores. 

However, if you need better hauling and towing capacity, UTV will suit your requirements. Additionally, UTVs are also a better option for hunting or fishing as there is plenty of space to store your gear.

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As an ATV is usually smaller and lighter than a UTV, it offers incredible maneuverability. If you are navigating through a dense forest, an ATV allows you to make sharp turns without much difficulty. This is why ATV is a better choice if you need a vehicle for off-road racing. 

That being said, you need to maintain balance to control ATVs, as they are more physically demanding. If safety is your priority, then a UTV is perhaps the vehicle for you.


When it comes to choosing between ATVs and UTVs, size is an important factor to consider. As previously mentioned, ATVs are a lot smaller and take up less garage space. 



ATVs and UTVs are significantly different in terms of cost. ATVs are an affordable off-roading vehicle that’s several thousands of dollars cheaper than UTVs. On top of the base price, the cost can further increase if you decide to add various modifications and purchase safety gear.


Side-By-Side Seating

If you need a vehicle for yourself, then ATV is the ideal choice. However, if you are looking for extra space to accommodate passengers, then UTV is the vehicle for you. Besides passengers, UTVs also tend to offer more space for cargo. 

Pricing starts at $26,699 for the Pro XP Orange Madness LE (two-seater) and $30,599 for the Pro XP 4 Orange Madness LE (four-seater).

Specialized Work

Other than hauling cargo, if you require an off-roading vehicle for specialized work, then UTVs can meet your specific needs. There are various UTV accessories available that make the vehicle capable of heavy-duty chores. On the other hand, ATVs have limited potential for specialized work. 



Both ATVs and UTVs can be customized. From adding speakers to LED lights, there are several modifications you can make to your off-road vehicle. 


Maintaining ATVs as well as UTVs is relatively simple. You can easily carry out maintenance work in your garage. In case you decide to include customization, then certain maintenance tasks may be out of your skillset. Moreover, for complex issues, you will need the services of a professional mechanic.  


Final Words

ATVs and UTvs have unique benefits as well as drawbacks. Hopefully, the aforementioned guide clears any doubt or confusion. While both vehicles have their advantages, your choice should depend on your specific requirements and budget. To explore ATVs and UTVs, check out the wide range of Can-Am vehicles.

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