After the Baja 500, Brandon Schueler led the Pro Turbo UTVs over Phil Blurton, 253-244, and Weiland was third with 241. Kaden Wells led the Pro NA 1000s by only three points over Kristen Matlock, 213-210. Mike Cafro had won the Pro Stocks at the San Felipe 250 and Baja 500, with Nick Bruce second at both races and 12 points behind Crafo. Likewise, Justin Elenburg was undefeated in Pro UTV Open with Josh Herzing second both times and trailing by 12 points.

At the second annual SCORE Baja 400 at San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, 193 teams started and 152 finished the 400-mile race. In Forced Induction UTVs, there were 27 starters and 19 finishers (70.37%), and there were 8 Pro NA 1000 UTV starters and 6 finishers (75%). Pro Stock UTVs had 5 starters and 3 finishers (60%), and there were 4 finishers and 5 starters in Pro UTV Open (80%).

Fresh off of a BiTD Pro Turbo win at Vegas-to-Reno, Austin Weiland won the UTV overall and Pro Forced Induction class win at the Baja 400.
Phil Blurton closed to within two minutes of winner Weiland after enduring a ton of dust and silt, for a Can-Am 1-2.

In Forced-Induction Pro UTVs, Austin Weiland averaged 38 mph and plowed a few bushes with his Can-Am X3, but he had no flats or blown belts and won by almost two minutes over Phil Blurton, defending BiTD Turbo champion. Blurton started deep in the field and had to eat a lot of dust on his way through the field on the rough course.

Marc Burnett led the Baja 400 at Race Mile 162 with Weiland hot on his rear bumper, but Burnett’s Monster Maverick snapped an upper A-arm.

Justin Lambert (Pol) was third after a hard race; he blew a belt, tire/wheel, and an axle and got stuck in a bottleneck to finish an hour down on Weiland.

Despite losing a big lead at a mid-race bottleneck, Wells won the Pro NA 1000s by more than an hour.

In Pro NA 1000 UTVs, Kaden Wells drove solo and took the lead before getting caught in the bottleneck, so it was like a restart, He had to work into the lead again and stretched his lead to over an hour at the finish. His RZR had no issues, and Kaden is looking forward to the Baja 1000. Paul Barnhart Junior started the race and worked up to fifth by Mile 128 in his Honda Talon, and Chapman Ducote worked up to second with the last 60 miles being super technical and tricky. Ducote got passed by Kristen Matlock on a tricky hill, but she later made a wrong turn and gave up second.

Kristen Matlock lost more points to Wells at the Baja 400.

Mike Cafro won the Pro Stocks in his RZR, and his time would’ve earned him third in Pro NAs. Justin Elenburg won the Pro UTV Opens by three hours in his X3, and his time would’ve earned him fourth in Pro Turbos. Points haven’t been posted after the 400, but Schueler’s sixth in Pro Turbos with a Weiland-Blurton 1-2 likely put the Can-Am pilots in the points hunt for the Baja 1000 on November 15-20th. Wells stretched his points lead over Matlock slightly, but it will go down to the wire at the 54th Baja 1000, which will be a 1100-mile point-to-point race from Ensenada down to La Paz.

Mike Cafro is three-for-three in Pro Stock UTVs, and Justin Elenburg is undefeated in Pro UTV Open.


Pro Turbo UTVs

1. Austin Weiland/C-A…10:18:58.884

2. Phil Blurton/C-A…10:20:54.320

3. Justin Lambert/Pol…11:17:42.132

4. Fransisco Javier Beltran/C-A…11:38:08.703

5. Edgar Garcia Leon/C-A…11:47:17.258

6. Brandon Schueler/Pol…11:52:11.545

7. Erick Kozin/C-A…12:05:03.331

8. Alonso Lopez/C-A…12:26:09.132

9. Bob Jablonsky/C-A…12:58:24.885

10. Jesus Mendez Jr./C-A…13:03:20.455

Pro NA 1000 UTVs

1. Kaden Wells/Pol…11:07:33.715

2. Paul Barnhart Jr./Hon…12:14:04.841

3. Kristen Matlock/Pol…12:52:07.041

4. Joe Bolton/Pol…13:32:54.014

5. Jose Angulo/Pol…15:50:17.296

6. Richard Fant/Hon…15:59:31.477

Pro Stock UTV

1. Mike Cafro/Pol…12:36:55.116

2. Carolina Sanchez/C-A…14:15:46.235

3. Scott Trafton/Pol…17:14:58.967

Pro UTV Open

1. Justin Elenburg/C-A…11:30:33.417

2. Cameron Ornelas/C-A…14:29:02.315

3. Josh Herzing/Pol…15:41:26.156

4. Michelle Barrazza/Pol…17:30:14.206

Sportsman UTV

1. Chad Gould/Pol…15:38:00.497

2. Dave Miller/C-A…18:25:48.231


1. San Felipe (250), Baja, MX..PT B. Schueler/Pol, PS K. Matlock/Pol

2. Baja 500, Baja, MX…PT B. Sims/Pol, PS K. Wells/Pol

3. Baja 400, Baja, MX…PT A. Weiland/C-A, PS K. Wells/Pol

4. Nov. 15-20…Ensenada (Baja 1000), Baja, MX


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