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Antigravity stock-size Lithium-ion battery test

— MORE POWER FITS IN THE SAME SPACE — Lithium batteries make life easier for ATV and UTV enthusiasts by holding a charge much longer and providing more cranking power than conventional lead-acid batteries—and they’re far lighter. What’s not to like? Many lithium batteries are smaller than stock batteries, which means you have to pad […]


— How to upgrade your Turbo S & other UTVs — The best part about the UTV industry’s rapid growth is that the intense competition forces companies to fight for your dollars. A decade ago this roll-cage buyer’s guide would have been substantially shorter. Today, there are dozens of well-known fabrication companies that want you […]


— Top UTV racer reveals the secrets of performance driving — Beau Baron has won a ton of Pro UTV races and even a few championships. We wanted to know what he does differently that makes him faster and more consistent than most of the other west coast UTV racers in the WORCS series. Even […]

Lesser known dune areas you must check out!

— WHERE TO RIDE — Getting sideways with your UTV is always fun, but it’s even more fun in deep sand. California is famous for its big dune weekends at Glamis/Buttercup, where 250,000– 300,000 people converge for fun, family and fellowship. California also boasts Dumont Dunes and the Oceano Dunes SVRA on Pismo Beach. While […]

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

— COMPARING THE TOP CHOICES — Since the beginning of the powersports movement, a performance exhaust system has been the quickest way to pick up a few extra ponies. In today’s high-tech world the aftermarket has emissions/noise standards that have to be met and can utilize more costly, high-tech materials to cut weight and further […]

Best Helmets under $300!

— BUYERS GUIDE: By the staff of UTV Action magazine — Your helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you own. There are many UTV helmets out there, ranging from 50 bucks to over $1000. With price being a major concern for most people, we put together this guide to showcase the nicest […]


Lithium-ion battery technology has been improving battery life and performance in many different forms of electronics. Recently, this lithium “technology” has taken a full-on assault on the powersports industry, and why wouldn’t it? The lead-acid battery has been around longer than the automobile, and we were due for a major improvement. By design, the lithium-ion […]

DO THIS, NOT THAT! Tips on how to haul your UTV.

— If you live on a big ranch then lucky you, because you get to ride your UTV right from the barn. If not, then you need to load it up and haul it to a riding area. The staff of UTV Action magazine is used to doing that too, and based on many years […]


 -At $12,999, the new RZR S 570 is Polaris’ lowest priced two seat long travel sport UTV (2017 price). Price wise, the next closest two seat long travel RZR is the $14,699 RZR S 900. -The RZR S 570 isn’t just a RZR 570 with long travel suspension, it comes with power steering, painted bodywork, […]


— Polaris’ all-new General 1000 EPS is a huge hit with UTV Action, and we discover new aspects of its capabilities every time we drive it. It’s a fantastic rock crawler with its excellent Engine Braking System (EBS), letting it idle over gnarly rock ledges and down drop-offs, and it crawls at a walking pace […]

Polaris ACE 900 XC EPS test

— Yes, it is indeed fast! — Polaris introduced the first single-seat 4×4 sport UTV with the 2014 Sportsman Ace 325, and the Ace evolution and revolution continues with the 2017 model year. Polaris dropped the “Sportsman” last year and replaced the original Ace 325 with a torquier Ace 500 this year that joins the […]

Yamaha YXZ1000R Hop-Up parts

— Yamaha’s revolutionary YXZ1000R is a shrunken sand rail for the masses and an economical way to get into short-course racing. But beyond gobbling up sand whoops at speed, most desert dwellers will want softer suspension, and so will those negotiating rocks — from eastern limestone in West Virginia and Tennessee to the Rocky Mountains […]

UTV TEST: Polaris RZR 900 EPS Fox Edition

— The king of tight trails — Polaris replaced the original RZR 800 with 875cc, 75-horsepower ProStar RZR 900s for 2015, and the change boosted power by 40 percent, increased top speeds from 62 (RZR 900) to 65 mph (S 900), and greatly improved cabin comfort. For 2016 Polaris introduced the 60-inch S 1000 and […]


— When driving off-road you have to be somewhat aggressive to make it through tough technical sections. Based on the dips, rocks and steep inclines of earth’s natural terrain  you have to be ready for the occasional roll over while transversing it in your UTV. The stock roll cage of your vehicle is pretty good […]

HOW-TO: UTV Duning Tips

— Summer is winding down, fall is coming and winter is right behind it, which means dune season is coming in hot. And like millions of other hard-core enthusiasts, we can’t wait. Like a culture of its own, self-proclaimed “duners” will congregate by the thousands, often miles from civilization, in search of nature’s roller-coaster-like ride. […]


— START PLANNING FOR WINTER FUN NOW: There was a time, not that long ago, when a snow-filled winter would have banished most ATVs and UTVs to the garage until spring. But a few years back, snowmobile technology started finding its way into the ATV market, and rubber-tracked kits were developed that directly replaced the […]