Dear Sarge,

I have a 2015 Odes Dominator 800 and am having a problem with wheel bearings. I have had the dealer replace bearings many times and they keep failing. The last time I replaced them with premium sealed bearings and they still failed. I am truly stumped Sarge on how to avoiding bearings that go crunch!

Dean Williams

Lewiston, Idaho

Boot, from what I know of this problem, it is not the bearing’s fault. You can install the world’s best bearings and they will still fail with this Zooter! The problem is either poor execution of the design drawings or poor drawings! Each knuckle has a machined bearing stop that the bearings are pressed against. With the bearings installed there is a bit of space left that is filled with a spacer. If this spacer is not thick enough, the bearing will fail quicky. With the axle inserted and tightened down, this puts side load (axial load) on the bearings, so the bearing are actually running egg shaped. Ball bearings do not like side, axial load. They prefer in-line radial load. You need to do some serious measuring to determine what your individual Zooter needs for axle spacers. I have seen 0.02” or greater side load. Also don’t be surprised if you find the center spacer to be too thick, causing outward axial load. When you have your ball bearings running true, they run cooler and stay running a lot longer Boot! Also it is criminal to outfit an all terrain Zooter with non-sealed bearings. Always use *-2RS style bearings! Boot since you seem unable to do anything except the same thing over and over, you will be transferred to a fresh Training Company for another round of “Basic Learning”. Dismissed!


Wheel bearing problems are not uncommon on UTVs because they are often used in the harshest environments for bearings: water, mud, sand, fine silt etc.. In this case, a spacer caused additional problems. Larger than stock wheels and tires, lift kits and other modifications also increase bearing loads, but when properly installed and lubricated, quality bearings can provide years of service.

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