BUYER’S GUIDE: Beadlock Wheel

Beadlock wheels feature bead-locking rings that bolt to the wheel, “sandwiching” the tire bead to the wheel. Beadlocks were invented to allow lower tire pressures to be run while racing, ensuring that the tire bead stays locked on to prevent separation under a side load. Another more common advantage is that a beadlock will allow the rider to keep riding with a flat, as the tire can’t separate from the rim.

Beadlocks and their rugged look have become popular as well, and wheel companies are producing mock beadlocks for all sorts of applications where you might not need a true beadlock. While mock beadlocks are available for ATVs and UTVs, we can’t really see a situation where you wouldn’t be better off with a real beadlock on your ATV or UTV. This buyer’s guide features true beadlocks at prices that aren’t much more expensive than conventional custom wheels.



G2 Beadlock
The championship-winning DWT G2 beadlock wheel brings top-of-the-line race-proven features at a more than reasonable price point. Lighter than the original Ultimate wheels, it features an improved, attached nut-plate design for the beadlock; a rolled-lip inner for strength; and durable black powdercoat finish. The G2 is available in 8×8 and 9×8 rear sizes in both 4/110 and 4/115 lug patterns.
Price: 8x8s start at $128


DWT’s Rok’n Lock wheel is basically the front beadlock option to go with the G2. Similar to the G2 in many ways, except they have improved it with a patented Rock Guard designed to keep debris and rocks from entering the wheel and interfering or damaging the brake lines, calipers or inside of wheel. The Rok’n Lock features a rolled, hollow inner lip to protect the vulnerable inner bead area. Available in 10×5 with 4+1 or 3+2 offset and 4/144 or 4/156 lug patterns.
Price: $135


DIablo Beadlock
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced beadlock for your utility quad or UTV, DWT has you covered there as well. The cast-aluminum wheel design features wicked styling and the performance of a true beadlock, all at an affordable price. Torture tested and approved, the Diablo can take a serious beating. Machined or black finish. Available in 12×7 with (4+3) or (2+5) offsets and all the popular lug patterns: 4/110, 115, 136.5 ,156.
Price: $120
Contact: or call (760) 758-5560




Hiper Technology recently introduced the world’s first all carbon fiber ATV wheel. The slightly lower-priced CF1 is aimed to bring Hiper’s legendary performance and technology within reach of the average sport rider. At 200 bucks each, they’re not exactly cheap, but they are super trick for the price. The CF1 has a two-piece modular design with a carbon fiber center section rather than the billet center on Hiper’s more expensive Tech 3 beadlock race wheels. The CF1 is offered in a single outer beadlock and are super lightweight. Available in 8×8, 9×8, or 10×9 rear sizes, as well as 10×5 front sizing. Lug patterns in 4/110, 4/115, 4/144 and 1/156 are available to fit all popular sport ATV models.
Price: $199 for any size
Contact: or call them toll-free at (877)GO-HIPER (877-464-4737)




The Mamba by Raceline is constructed of high-grade aluminum with polished accents, and the beadlock wheel features a billet beadlock ring with semi-sunk bead-ring bolts for protection from rocks. It’s super strong and lightweight at 15 pounds each. Available in 12×7 and 14×7 sizes with 4+3 and 5+2 offsets. Comes in 4/110, 115, 137 and 156 bolt patterns.
Price: 12-inch, $150; 14-inch, $160




Goldspeed ATV Beadlock
Goldspeed Racing Products has just introduced a new aluminum beadlock for MX, off-road, XC and desert applications. The new wheel is unique in that it’s a super-tough, heat-treated, .190-thick aluminum construction wheel mated with a lightweight, ultra-durable carbon beadlock ring. Goldspeed has also one-upped the standard by offering both front and rear wheels with a universal bolt pattern, allowing for one set of wheels to fit all current sport quad models. GPS currently offers the Goldspeed beadlocks in a box set that will include mud plugs and a set of lightweight, heat-treated, 7075 aluminum lug nuts at no additional charge. Available in 8×8, 9×8, 10×5 or 10×5.5 sizes.
Price: 8×8 starts at $132


Roll Tech 10-INCH Beadlock
The “RT” beadlock was designed for the racer with an outer beadlock ring on a lightweight, 5mm, heat-treated, aluminum wheel. The wheel is popular with Trophy Kart racers and flat-track racers, but is equally appealing to duners that want a lightweight beadlock for running lower air pressures. Sizing in 10×8 (3+5), 4/4 and a double-drilled 4/110, 4/115 universal lug pattern.
Price: $127
Contact: or call them at (855) 643-8473




M16 VIce and M23 Battle
The M16 Vice is a real-deal beadlock that’s ready for anything you can throw at it. MSA wheels are cast with virgin aluminum, and the lock features a super-hard billet aluminum ring. Proven and trusted by many top UTV race teams, the Vice is ready for the next challenge. MSA offers a full lifetime structural warranty on any MSA Wheels product. You can bend it or break it and they will replace it. Simple as that! Available in 14×7 sizing with a +10mm offset (4+3).
Price: $170
Contact: or call (800) 734-4890




HD Beadlock For UTV and UtIlIty ATVs
The STI HD beadlock is an innovative one-piece wheel with an integralmount beadlock ring. This creative beadlock design is quick to install and engineered to reduce debris buildup. The HD beadlock also features an even thicker, stronger, reinforced inner-bead lip, making it their most rugged wheel available. Available in 12×7 and 14×7 sizing and nearly every popular lug pattern. The HD beadlock brings beadlock performance at an unbelievable price.
Price: 12×7, $100; 14×7, $116


HD5 UTV & UtIlIty ATV Beadlock
The newest beadlock wheel offering from STI is the killer-looking HD5, and it is available in matte black or gun metal gray with 9 color-ring options. They offer 14×7 sizing and any popular lug pattern that you might want and 5×2 offset for optimal handling.
Price: $123




T-9 Pro SerIes Trac-Lock
Tough .190-wall construction; spunaluminum wheels with a rugged, precision- formed outer-bead retention ring; and secured by tough, recessed Allen bolts. Stainless steel lug-nut inserts allow for the use of tapered lug nuts. These are competition-ready beadlocks at an affordable price. Available in 8×8, 9×8 and 10×5 sizes, all lug patterns, and polished or black powdercoated finish.
Price: 8×8 starts at $146


SD SerIes Beadlock
A lightweight, ultra-strong, cast beadlock wheel with ITP’s new Rock Armor reinforced wheel lip. The SD, or Severe Duty, beadlock features the industry’s first two-year limited warranty against bending or breaking. Sizing in 12×7 and all popular lug patterns.
Price: $156




GMZ LIteLoc Beadlock Wheels
The GMZ LiteLocs are true beadlocks with a 8mm, high-grade bolt system. LiteLocs are a cast-aluminum wheel that is heat-treated for extra strength and come in 12×7 or 14×7 sizes with a 4+3 offset. Weighing 12.5 pounds for the 12-inch and 15 pounds for the 14-inch, the LiteLoc is comparable in weight to the much more expensive carbon fiber beadlocks than most of its competition. GMZ wheels carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.
Price: 12-inch, $125; 14-inch, $150

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