Beau Judge started the 2021 World Off-Road Championship Series with a perfect 1-1 score at the first two rounds in Arizona, taking the Peoria Pro Production Turbo win for Can-Am ahead of the Polaris RZRs of Shawn Saxton and Matt Hancock. In Pro Stocks, rising star Cayden MacCachren scored the second-round win over Kody Winiecki and Chris Johnson for an all-Polaris podium. In fact, Polaris took the top nine spots.

Gnarly rocks and giant cacti infest the desert section at Peoria. Beau Baron led the Pro Stock 1000s early but fell back to ninth on the day.

Two waves of Pro Stock 1000s took the downhill start into the rocky Arizona desert northwest of Phoenix, with defending champ Beau Baron taking the lead ahead of Davi Haagsma and Matt Hancock. MacCachren was 12th on the first three laps while Baron led, but Beau dropped to 10th on the fourth lap. Haagmsa took the over lead but DNF on the fifth lap. MacCachren benefitted from DNFs and moved up to ninth, then he was seventh by the fifth lap. Cayden finished the eighth lap physically in fifth but took the win on adjusted time, and he turned several fast 06:53 laps for the win. However, Haagsma turned the fastest Pro Stock lap, a 06:48.896 on the second circuit.

Matthew Hancock was consistent at the second round, scoring a third in Pro Turbos and a fourth in his RS1.

In Pro Turbos, Judge led all eight laps and turned the fastest lap of the weekend on the final lap, a 06:48.599. Ten Turbos started, but the rocky desert section and motocross track took their toll, and John Bonanno, Chance Haugen, and Wyatt Hastings went out in the first three laps. The running order was static once the pack spread out, and Judge won by 24 seconds over Saxton with Hancock another 28 seconds back.

Chris Johnson was third Pro Stock 1000 at Peoria but finished out of the top ten in Havasu.


Rd 2: Peoria, AZ

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Cayden MacCachren…Pol

2. Kody Winiecki…Pol

3. Chris Johnson…Pol

4. Matthew Hancock…Pol

5. Jessy Nelson…Pol

6. Dylan Lemburg…Pol

7. Casey Sims…Pol

8. Justin Covarrubias…Pol

9. Beau Baron…Pol

10. Abe Martinez…Yam

Pro Turbo UTVs

1. Beau Judge…C-A

2. Shawn Saxton…Pol

3. Matthew Hancock…Pol

4. Jeremiah Wagner…Pol

5. Bradley Callahan…Pol

6. Davi Haagsma…Pol

7. Kali Kinsman…A-C

8. Cayden MacCachren…Pol


After 2 of 10 rounds

Pro Stock 1000s

1. Kody Winiecki/Pol…37

2. Jessy Nelson/Pol…36

3. Davi Haagsma/Pol…34/1

4. Beau Baron/Pol…34

5. Matthew Hancock/Pol…34

9. Cayden MacCachren/Pol…25/1

Pro Production Turbos

1.  Beau Judge/C-A…50/2

2. Matthew Hancock/Pol…40

3. Jeremiah Wagner/Pol…34

4. Davi Haagsma/Pol…28

5. Cayden MacCachren/Pol…27

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