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While at the dealer show and press introduction for the Argo 2019 Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) line launch, we received the smallest press release in UTV Action history. The manila envelope was the size of a postage stamp, and two tiny pages were folded inside. It took a magnifying glass to read the release, but the news inside was huge!

Argo’s Tiny Lodge campaign is the first of its kind, offering visitors to its website a free, no-strings-attached, three-day weekend of hunting, fishing, and playing with Argo XTVs and ATVs! The press release reads:

(New Hamburg, August 20th, 2018) “Today is the official opening for an off-the-grid vacation destination presented by Argo, the leading amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) brand in the world. The Argo Anywhere Tiny Lodge is an experience like no other. Guests have over 2200 private acres to hunt, fish and ride a lineup of Argo XTVs and ATVs.

“Argo is leveraging this experience along with new XTV product introductions, an all-new responsive website and local dealer initiatives to position the brand as a disruptive innovator in the competitive powersports category.”

“When you have a vehicle like no other, you have the opportunity to do something completely different. The Argo Tiny Lodge gives people an experience of a lifetime,” said Brad Darling, president of Argo. “This idea embraces our company-wide brand promise to ‘Know No Boundaries,’ to build brand awareness as we expand and to support our global dealer network.”

At the dealer show presentation, GPS coordinates of [email protected] 28’ 15.08” N [email protected]’ 12.80” W, [email protected] 22’ 3.49” N [email protected] 41’43.91” E and [email protected] 45’ 0” N [email protected] 14’ 2.4” W were flashed on screens. Argo’s Tiny Lodge is in northern Wisconsin on 2200 acres of private land with a stocked trout pond, rivers, and plenty of land for exploring the capabilities of Argo XTVs and ATVs. The 405-square-foot lodge sleeps up to four. Visit to sign up for a three-day vacation at Tiny Lodge, totally free of charge to those 21 and older. An ATV/XTV safety-training class is also involved.

When your dates roll around, show up at the Tiny Lodge main gate, and the camp host will meet you there and take you to a staging area where you will load up your riding, hunting and/or fishing gear into or onto Argo XTVs and ATVs. You will then ride to the Tiny Lodge for a free three-day vacation in OHV paradise. True to their “Know No Boundaries” slogan, anything goes during the day, but keys are collected at sunset, as there is no night riding on the private hunting preserve.

Adventure is huge in the UTV industry, and Argo raises the bar, offering extreme machines, terrain and weather at Tiny Lodge. Wisconsin’s waterfowl and game seasons are September through December, and Tiny Lodge patrons will need the required licenses to hunt and/or fish, but you won’t need money for the three-day stay or rides. This goes beyond anything we’ve seen in any industry to date.


Yamaha has its “Realize Your Adventure” campaign for its UTVs and ATVs, and the Yamaha Outdoors website offers adventures like California’s King of the Hammers (KOH) Off-Road Adventure Rally, demo rides, hospitality dinner and entertainment, in addition to watching extreme UTV and 4×4 rock racing. Other adventures include Pennsylvania’s Rock Run Summer Blast, Tennessee’s Brimstone Paragon, and Utah’s SxS Adventure Rally (see “Jamborees” in “Schedule”), all with adventure rides, demos, hospitality, entertainment and product giveaways. But, none include free lodging.

Yamaha’s site also offers three unique places to “Realize Your Adventure” at Moab, Utah; South Dakota’s Mystic Hills Hideaway; and hunting, fishing, river sports and riding at Brimstone Recreation. Here, families can book lodging and UTV/ATV rentals for awesome adventures. The website also has information on travel, shopping and emergency services at each of the three OHV destinations. The Yamaha site also has listings for 13 more Yamaha ATV/UTV rental companies in 12 states, some also renting cabins. This is great marketing to create brand awareness, but it’s not free.


“People want memorable experiences,” said Doug Mickschl, creative director at BoatBurner, Argo’s marketing firm. “Finally, a powersports company is willing to buck the industry’s status quo and go where others can’t—and won’t.”

Check out Argo’s expanded 2019 XTV lineup and see which machines you’d like to test at Argo’s Tiny Lodge. To book your stay, see the video or learn more about Tiny Lodge, visit If you’re short of four people and would like UTV Action to cover your Tiny Lodge adventure, shoot us a line:

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