Best ATV Games

It’s not always the best day to ride an ATV. It could be that your vehicle needs repairs, or that the weather isn’t conducive for riding. And on days like this, playing ATV video games can help fill the void for some exciting, off-road activities.

There’s no shortage of these kind of games to play. In fact, motor racing games continue to be popular across all gaming platforms. There’s the highly anticipated Forta Horizon 5, an upcoming realistic racing game from Microsoft, which was also the company behind games like Hill Climb Racing and the Dirt series. The demand for racing-related games is also present in online games. On online casino Foxy Bingo, games like Race Day and Wacky Races use racing mechanics to attract more players to its slot titles. From realistic next-gen racers to online browser and mobile games aimed at racing fans, motor games remain highly popular. And if you’re looking for one that simulates the ATV/UTV experience, here are the best ones that you can play today.


Released in early 2020, Overpass is currently the latest ATV driving simulation game available. The game puts you in control of real machines like the Yamaha YXZ, Polaris Pro XP, Wildcat XX, and many of the other vehicles you can read about on UTV Action. While there are different tracks and game modes, the goal is simple: get passed the physical obstacles on increasingly difficult tracks with minimum damage to your ATV. The physics are realistic and the vehicles function much like they do in real life. This means that although the learning curve is pretty steep, Overpass is one of the most enjoyable ATV games out there – at least once you get the hang of the controls.

MX vs. ATV All Out

This game came out in 2018. What differentiates MX vs. ATV All Out from the others on this list is that apart from ATVs and UTVs, players can also choose to drive and race using motocross bikes. It also has amazing graphics and believable physics. Furthermore, while the vehicles are fictional, they’re all fully customizable to your personal riding style. The multiplayer option allows for up to 12 players at the same time, which means fun races with other friends who are also stuck at home.

ATV Drift and Tricks


Gorgeous and dangerous racing tracks, unrealistic acceleration, and ATV tricks – these are just some of the things that make this game a gem. Released in 2017, the graphics and gameplay on ATV Drift and Tricks still hold up to this day. If you want a streamlined, no-brainer game that loosely simulates the superhuman feeling of riding an ATV as fast as you can on unpredictable terrain, this is the one you should be playing.

ATV Offroad Fury

While all the aforementioned video games can be played on PC and most of the latest consoles, you’re going to need a PS emulator or a PS2 if you want to play ATV Offroad Fury. This old school gem hails from 2001, and was the first 3D, commercially available, and mainstream ATV game ever made. The polygons are low and the backgrounds are bare – however, the tracks are creative and the gameplay is fairly challenging. Try to see how long you can go without getting thrown off your vehicle. While the graphics and features of ATV Offroad Fury are lacking when compared to next-gen games, it’s an undeniably fun ride back in time. And it’s also a glimpse into where and how ATV/UTV video games began.

There are many other ATV games out there, but these are the ones that you should definitely check out. If you can’t ride out with your ATV for whatever reason, these games can keep you company at home.