While surfing the web recently we discovered this hot set up posted by Kurt Rihel of the best dog seat for your UTV. Kurt made great use of his old stock RZR seats and turned them into a dog perch. By bolting two seat backs to the stock seat frame, his little buddy has a much larger platform to sit on. Now, there’s even room for him to lay and sleep on the softer area instead of having to go down to the plastic floorboard. You can definitely tell by the dogs expression, it’s the best upgrade Kurt has made yet. Here are several ways to protect your dog from heat in any UTV. We list heat shielding from several companies that will help protect everything from your dogs paws to keeping the bottom of your ice chest cooler.

If you don’t know where to source a used RZR seat back, check out this article we did featuring a UTV salvage yard in Nebraska called Powersports Nation. HERE, they have everything from used seats to spark plugs for every make and model UTV.

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