PERFORMANCE: They’re perfect! Although they’re not as easy to maneuver as a smaller, lighter trifold ramp, they offer a payload capacity that far surpasses our needs, which we like. We found that the easiest way to tie them down in your truck bed when there’s no machine back there is to fold them up, then put the side with the hinge towards the rear. Use the supplied tie downs (wrapping the looped side around one of the rungs) and tie the ramp down against the front of the truck bed. This will keep the ramps from going anywhere. Also, while loading a vehicle, it is best to tie the ramps down to a low point like a tow hitch or bumper, rather than to a bed hook. This will keep the ramps from sliding from side to side.

THE VERDICT: If you have a UTV and need ramps, they’re perfect. It would be extremely difficult to bend one of these ramps if you stay within the weight limit. The only thing we found to complain about was the black paint. While it does look cool, it doesn’t feel cool. It builds up enough heat to seriously burn your hands, so if they have been sitting in the sun, use gloves or spray them off with the hose before you grab them. o

PRICE: $309.99.
CONTACT: Discount Ramps;

HHHHH Perfection
HHHHI Delivers above average value and performance
HHHII Recommended for intended application
HHIII Shows potential but has drawbacks
HIIII Save your hard-earned bucks

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