Blaze Cut Fire

This might be the fastest deploying fire suppression system you can use. It works automatically, when heat penetrates the pressurized tubing. Then, the fire suppressant chemical shoots right into the same flame that activated it. If you notice a fire in your vehicle, by the time you stop and grab your standard fire extinguisher, the Blaze Cut product is already at work.

Blaze Cut systems have been used heavily in the Marine, RV and Volkswagen circles for years. For a UTV, you would clamp or zip tie the tubing to the underside of the cargo tray, above and around the engine. With systems starting at $179, it’s cheap insurance for that just incase moment.

Reach out to to get the system perfect for your needs.

3 foot: $179

6 Foot: $247

Reach out by phone and tell them Dirt Wheels/ UTV Action sent you. 1-844-776-7223

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