Bolt programmable Locks is a collection of locking products that include cables, ball hitch, pad locks and hitch pins that can be all keyed alike to your own truck’s ignition key. Say what? Yes, these locks have a self-setting mechanism that allows you to key them to any modern brand truck key.


After you get the Bolt locking product out of the packaging, the first thing you do is key it to your truck key. To do this, all you have to do is remove a sticker over the keyhole, slide your truck key inside and turn it. The tumblers inside are at a neutral setting to start. When you turn the key to the right then back to the left, the tumblers learn the grooves on your key and lock in that position forever.

Each Bolt Lock product is color-coded to match your pickup brand and type of key. If you go to sell your truck, you better make an extra copy of the key or donate your Bolt locks to the new owner.


Fortunately, we didn’t have anyone try to break the cable or hitch pin locks we have been using, but their bright colors could have possibly prevented someone from even getting close. As for the cable locks, the plastic coverings have been holding up well, even to the harsh sun, since we’ve left one on the back of the truck and one on the deck of a trailer for a couple of months now. The hitch pin has held up fine to pulling two UTVs on our big 24-foot trailer for thousands of miles. In fact, we think it’s holding up better than our old hitch pin, because the Bolt product has a rubber cap keeping the water and road grime out of the keyhole. That was a big problem with the last one we used.

We have probably tested the hitch pin the most out of all the Bolt products. We tow a 24-foot trailer usually with two 4-seat UTVs on it. The rubber cover is an added bonus by not allowing water in the key opening.


When you order your Bolt lock product or pick them up at a store like O’Reilly’s or 4 Wheel Parts, you have to make sure the packaging has your truck brand on it. They are sold and color-coded for GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler/Dodge keys. All of the locks worked as advertised, but are about twice as expensive as competitive products. If we could have asked for anything better as far as the product goes, it would be a longer and possibly thicker cable lock. This would get a lot of use in problem areas we tow through and park in during our travels. If you want to eliminate problems like looking for an extra key, try any of the Bolt Lock products; you won’t be disappointed.


RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $35, hitch pin; $42, cable; $26, padlock

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