The WP6 Boss Audio LED whip is a 72-inch safety whip made up of hundreds of LED lights wrapped 360 degrees around a pole for $129.99. Boss also sells the WP4, a 48-inch whip, for $99.99. 

The quick-release function of the Boss whip is handy, but it requires an open area around the whip mount so it’s accessible.


Lighted whips are quickly replacing the old-school orange triangle flag mounted on top of a pencil-thick fiberglass pole. This one mounts to a standard whip mount that you would find on your rollover protection structure. It has a quick-release fitting at the attachment point, so it requires a wide area to work with. On the Pro XP, we had the clearance on the bodywork over the stock mount to make this happen. After bolting it on, we wired the whip to the rear taillights, which get power as soon as the key is turned on. Boss does supply enough wire to run all the way up to the battery, but the taillight wire was much more convenient for us. This installation required connecting a positive and negative wire, as the whip doesn’t ground through its mount like some do.

The whip is controlled by this slim remote that you can hang on a keychain, through the glove box or keep in your pocket.


Once powered up, the whip lights up using a small remote control that you can attach to your keychain, Velcro to the dash or leave in the glove box. The remote has options to change through 20 different colors, as well as dictate whether you want the whip to flash at 5 brightness levels and 10 speed levels.

On our initial trail ride with the whip, we ended up losing the safety flag that clamps to the top of the whip. The clamps stayed intact, but the flag flew away. In most dune areas, an orange or red flag is still required—no matter how high your LED pole reaches into the sky. Luckily, we had a RZR flag on hand and put it in place of the Boss flag. Another concern was that the whip took on small droplets of moisture inside the clear covering. On the positive side, the whip didn’t short out and still worked perfectly. Boss claims the part is waterproof with an IP67 rating, but we think otherwise.


We like the solid blue color that matches the accents on our Pro XP. That is the beauty of this or any whip; the color options are so good, you should be able to match nearly any color machine you have. Although the price is right for the WP6, losing the flag would have been an issue if we didn’t have a replacement, and the moisture is just trouble waiting to happen. 



PRICE: $99.99, 4 feet; $129.99, 6 feet

See UTV Action’s giant LED whip buyer’s guide here:


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