The Boyesen Supercooler performance water pump is a replacement water-pump impeller and cover for the Can-Am V-twin engines that are found in the Commander, Defender or Maverick Trail and Sport UTVs. An X3 version is in the works. They also have this product for most Polaris RZR models.


According to Boyesen, the SuperCooler water-pump kit is an aluminum investment-cast cover and impeller combo specifically designed to enhance the performance and durability of your engine’s cooling system. This high-flow, hydrodynamic water-pump kit has been tested and designed to flow more coolant. Increasing the flow will make the engine run cooler at a more constant temperature.

You can see the product in place with and without the cover. It was a pain to install, because all Can-Ams are hard to work on, but it was well worth the price and effort.


Anyone experiencing a hot-running engine or, even worse, overheating on the track or trail. It’s a massive upgrade from the stock plastic impeller.


We picked the hardest Can-Am V-twin to install the product on, the Sport. The water pump is tucked way up at the front of the motor but under a side cover, so accessing it was a pain; however, we have been running this little Maverick to its limit for a few years now, and when we push it, it not only tends to get the engine hot, the cab gets hot, too.

With a pair of pliers and small ratchet with an 8mm socket, we were able to get the waterlines disconnected and the water-pump cover off of the engine. The impeller was even easier to remove, as all we had to do was grab it and spin it off by hand counterclockwise.

With both products siting side by side, you can see a massive difference in the size of the aluminum fins that push the water. The stock impeller fins are slightly smaller and made of plastic. Furthermore, the cover is a little deeper and has smoother edges for noticeably better water flow.

Boyesen’s product goes right back on in reverse order. The new cover does not come with a new O-ring, but our stock one was still in good shape, so we reused it, and the new cover sealed up just fine.


To test the new install, we went on a day-long ride that took us to well over 11,000 feet in elevation and down to the flat lands where air temps were over 100 degrees. While the Maverick Sport doesn’t have a water-temp gauge, we could tell the engine was a lot happier. On the big uphill climbs, we rarely heard the fan kick on where we would expect it to. In the heat of the valley floor, the car ran great without any unexpected heat coming through the tunnel where the water lines run. The complete cooling system seemed much happier than in the past. The Boyesen SuperCooler kit passed our test with flying colors. If you need relief from the heat, get one.

See UTV Action’s full test on the Can-Am Maverick sport Max here:


RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $194.95

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