Braveheart trial

On September 25 2023, an 11th Hatfield-McCoy trailhead will open, this one in Landville, just south of Man, West Virginia. Situated near the West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky borders, the Braveheart Trail will add 35 new miles of trail and will be expanding in the very near future.


Over the last two decades HMT has grown into one of the premiere off-road destinations in the country. Here you can traverse thousands of scenic trail miles and in some cases ride from town to town or to trailside ATV resorts like Twin Hollow or Ashland Resort. If you don’t want to trailer your machines through the Appellation Mountains, you can rent machines from places like Eagle ATV & Tours near the Pocahontas, Pinnacle Creek and Indian Ridge trails. Over on that side of the ride area, you can stay at Buffalo Trail Cabins.

Braveheart trial
There area is perfect for a nice road ride or sports car trip to add to your next off-road vacation.

Permits to ride Braveheart Trail and all of the HMT trails cost $26.50 for West Virginia residents or $50 for out of state visitors and they last for a full calendar year. You cannot purchase permits online, but you can find a list of vendors and download trail maps HERE.

Don’t forget about National TrailFest this October 5th-7th in Gilbert WV.


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