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Beau Baron is the defending 2017 and 2018 Turbo Pro champion of the World Off-Road Racing Championship Series (WORCS), and he’s a longtime Factory Polaris pilot. For 2019, Baron has switched his racing program over to the Polaris RZR RS1, so he races RS1s in both the 1000 Pro Stock and Pro Turbo classes. Beau has learned a bunch about the RS1, which shares driveline components with the RZR XP Turbo and engine with the XP 1000. The only difference in the RS1 he races in 1000 Pro Stock and the RS1 going against Pro Turbos is the state of tune for the Turbo-class RS1.

Defending 2017 and 2018 WORCS Pro Turbo champion Beau Baron has switched his Factory Polaris racing program over to RZR RS1s exclusively for 2019. Here is what he has done to his RS1s for racing and durability.


Curtis Sparks builds Baron’s engines, and the 1000 Pro Stock RS1 has the standard Sparks Racing Stage 3 Performance package ($2,255.95). This includes a complete Sparks Racing X6 stainless steel exhaust system with dual mufflers, a Dynojet Power Vision controller with Sparks Racing tunes, a Sparks Racing Performance clutch kit with springs and weights, a heavy-duty secondary roller set, and Sparks high-performance intake with Donaldson-type airbox and K&N filter.

The Turbo-class RS1 also has the Stage 3 Performance package plus a hotter cams ($569.95) and higher-compression pistons, crank work, titanium connecting rods ($599.95), bigger valves and a fully-ported head. This gives Baron the extra acceleration needed to run with the Turbo RZRs and X3s. Sparks clutch tuning provides harder acceleration and more belt durability on both RS1s.

Both RS1s sport the Sparks Racing Stage 3 Performance package, including dual-muffler X6 exhausts, and the Turbo-class RS1 also has extensive porting, bigger valves, titanium rods, crank work and higher compression.


Holz Racing Products (HRP) did both RS1 builds, and Holz replaced the RS1 cages with HRP race cages with intrusion bars and corner braces. HRP has an RS1 Sport Cage with roof for $2000, too. Metal skins enclose the cabin more than a stock RS1 and provide straight lines for safety nets on both sides. HRP front bumpers house giant torsion bars connected to HRP Race A-arms, and Beau also runs HRP rear torsion bars and Trailing arms with roost flaps. Combined with Elka Stage 5 piggyback front and remote-reservoir rear shocks, the #1T RS1s have slightly less travel than stock for a lower center of gravity and better handling. HRP also has a UHMW rear chassis skid plate for $119.95, and Baron uses the stock skid plates.

RS1s have great agility, so Baron sticks with the stock steering components, and he has had no front-diff issues. The Antigravity 16-cell battery sits low and centralized for a low center of gravity.

HRP also arms the RS1s with nerf bars, heavy-duty billet motor mounts, heavy-duty wheel studs, heavy-duty tie-rods and radius rods, and a radius-rod chassis brace protected by an HRP rear bumper on both cars. Baron also runs DWT Sector beadlock rims with more offset for a wider stance and harder cornering without bicycling in turns. For the Peoria, Arizona, round, Baron ran 29×9-14 CST Stags with Tire Blocks. He used to run Rok-n-Lok bead-locks for lightness, and he runs 28-inch CST Dingos on harder, smoother tracks.

Baron installed the Hess EPS over-ride system for faster reboots in case severe bumps shut off the system. He always races in four-wheel drive and uses an HRP billet shifter.


Baron has encountered brake problems at every round, as he drags the brakes to keep the belt hooked up for quicker and harder acceleration out of corners. He runs Braking Wave rotors and high-temperature brake fluid, and he’s thinking of going to a dual braking system like Can-Am X3s have. He’s also thinking about switching to 15-inch rims for more clearance. He has had rocks actually knock outer brake pads out, so he bends the tabs inward on the pads.

Beau bends the locater tabs on his brake pads inward so rocks have less chance of knocking them out. He also vents the axle CVs and applies a light coat of grease to splines, as too much grease can actually foul and dislodge the retaining clip from its groove.

Also, during full suspension travel, the axle CVs plunge so much and so fast he has had rear axles pull out of the diffs. Baron uses a short piece of aerosol chain-lube tube to vent the CVs and prevent the plunging pull-out problem. The stock RS1 diffs have been flawless so far, and Beau runs an Anti-Gravity 16-cell battery on top of the front diff.

Also, Baron has had harsh impacts shut off the EPS, which requires killing the ignition and restarting. To prevent this, Baron went with a Hess over-ride switch ($80) with the toggle on the right side with the RS1 controls and ignition key. Hitting the over-ride instantly reboots the EPS, and Baron runs the OEM RS1 steering rack without the Hess quickener.

As with RZR XPs, Baron changes all wheel and driveline bearings, rebuilds the CVT and replaces the CVT belt on both RS1s before every race. He is also thinking about going to Turbo triple-piston front calipers. Baron is currently third in Production 1000 and was third in Turbo points before having a bad round in Las Vegas and dropping to fifth in points.

Baron’s RS1s have HRP suspension and front and rear torsion bars working with shortened Elka Stage 5 shock for lower center of gravity and enhanced handling. He has also gone to more offset for a wider stance.


Holz Racing Products

6226 Chasteen Road

Lynden, Washington 98264

(360) 398-7006

[email protected]


Deluxe Race Cage $4,500

XP Trailing Arms $1,600

Trailing-Arm Guards $125

Race A-arms $1,600

H-D Tire-Rod Kit $249.95

Rear Chassis Brace $99.95

H-D Radius Rod Kit $500

Front Sway-Bar Bumper $704.95–


Rear Torsion Bar Kit $499.95

WORCS Rear Bumper $314.95–


Nerf Bar Kit $299.95

H-D Billet Motor-Mount Kit $125

H-D Wheel Studs Kit $159.80

RZR Billet Shifter $119.95

Quick-Release Steering Hub $159.95

Joes 14-Inch Dished Steering Wheel


Joes 1-Inch Steering-Wheel Extension


Joes Steering Wheel Pad $39.95

Sparco EVO Seat $800

Master Craft 3-inch Harness $134.95

Yuasa Sealed Battery $125.95

HRP RS1 Bolt-On Short-Course Kit


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