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Lance Moore is a contractor and avid mud enthusiast. He started out with a RZR 900 mud build, then bought “Showstopper,” the RZR XP1K Dustin Jones built for his dad. Showstopper won the Show & Shine at the High Lifter Mud Nationals in 2014. As wild as the S3-built Showstopper is, it is only a two-seater, so Moore called on Triple Threat Off-Road to build a show-stopping, eye-popping and eardrum-throbbing four-seat RZR XP 4 1000, one that would “leave no doubt whose it was when you saw it on the trail.”

Mere hours after it was finished, this Triple Threat S3 Powersports MSA/EFX RZR XP 4 1000 was headed for the mud bogs at Rednecks With Paychecks riding area for its maiden voyage. The brand-new MSA American Force 24-inch wheels were so new, they didn’t have the center caps finished.

Triple Threat started with a custom cage with four suicide doors integrated into the frame and cage, then wrapped the frame with a Glazzkraft fiberglass XP 4 body and dash. Next, high-clearance S3 suspension arms with an 8-inch lift were mated with SuperATV 8-inch portals for use with the brand-new MotoHavok Checkmark 42-inch mud tires on all-new MSA American Force 24-inch chrome wheels. The S3 8-inch lift kit includes gull-wing A-arms, high-clearance trailing arms, radius rods with heavy-duty upper rods, and custom-length RCV axles for $4100. They’re powdercoated with 11 color choices for Polaris OEM matching, or you can get custom colors.

Between the S3 lift, SuperATV 8-inch portals and all-new 42×8.5-24 EFX MotoHavok Checkmark tires with American Force wheels, this RZR has so much ground clearance, you could camp out under this XP4.

Custom doors are by Triple Threat and use the OEM latches and buttons. The frames and skins are completely custom. DragonFire Racing’s HighBack GT seats are $999 a pair and add a lot of style and comfort with maximum containment.
S3’s winch rear bumper for the XP 1000 houses and protects the 5000-pound Stealth winch and two 10-inch SuperATV LED bars, while the front also sports LED cubes. Each bumper is $800, and Trinity’s newest dual-muffler slip-on exhaust also boosts performance.


To turn such massive EFX/MSA tires and wheels, the 1000 transmission got a gear reduction, double-row reverse chain and CVT clutch kit. The exhaust was replaced with a Trinity EH dual-exhaust system. The build also got front and rear 5000-pound Stealth winches, a Pro Box 2000-watt amp powering four Pro-II 10-inch tower speaker pods with a Bluetooth remote, and four DragonFire Racing GT seats.

Lance Moore climbs to the top of Rednecks With Paychecks’ private riding club near Saint Jo, Texas, in his brand-new build—“Mistreated.” The Triple Threat custom cage has protective bars for the SuperATV LED light bar, and there are 12 undercarriage LED accents.
S3 Powersports uses EPI’s Mudder clutch kit for the RZR XP 1000 and XP 4, and the build also got the dual-row reverse chain and lower gearing from the High Lifter Edition RZR.

Dubbed “Mistreated,” the XP 4 build got a 40-inch LED light bar in front and an S3 rear bumper with two 10-inch LED back-up lights, plus a third 10-inch LED was added to the speaker-pod bar mount. The Triple Threat XP 4 also got twin LED whips and 12 under-glow LEDs for standing out at night. Then the build was sent to 1st Class Graphics for a wild Voodoo Blue wrap with integrated rust spots on the Glazzkraft body and Triple Threat roof. Rust spots were also applied to the custom Triple Threat cage tubes, WER needle-shock springs, S3 bumper and suspension components, and SuperATV portals.

SuperATV’s 8-inch GDP Portal Gear Lift has a 45-percent gear reduction and adds 3 inches of wheelbase. The drive now seals internally against the housing and has new O-ring gaskets in machined grooves. They’re $3900 with free shipping to the 48 states. See or call (855) 743-3427.
The Triple Threat custom cage has intrusion bars and under-cage bars for strength and pulling oneself into the cab with the huge lift. The Glazzkraft body adds aggression with its hood and side scoops. The Glazzkraft Vortex Gen2.4 XP 4 body is $3000 and includes 12 fiberglass pieces. See

Not only does this wild XP 4 1000 build stand out on the trail, day or night, it can be heard coming from a long way off due to its sound system.


Triple Threat Off-Road

4442 CR 616

Alvarado, TX 76009

(682) 518-8700

S3 Powersports

1918 Barton Drive

Shreveport, LA 71107

(855) 221-7097

MSA Wheels/EFX Tires

3701 E. Randol Mill Road

Arlington, TX 76011

(800) 734-4890



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