Whenever a new UTV hits the market and we get our hands on it, we sit down and go over every nut and bolt to see what tools are needed to work on it. You can use this list to make your own DIY tool kit. Keep in mind, many of the larger fasteners such as the shock and suspension bolts require a wrench and a socket, so pack both.  A good adjustable wrench will suffice for emergency tie rod adjustments, so there’s no need to add the 24mm, 29mm and 36mm wrenches to an onboard kit.

Also since there is limited space around some of the suspension bolts, a good ratcheting wrench (21mm) will save a bunch of busted knuckles.


Super ATV Tool Roll

Or better yet, the Super ATV Ultimate Tool Kit has 99-percent of the tools needed to make trailside repairs on the Maverick R. To make your kit perfect for the the Maverick R, we suggest adding a 21mm ratcheting combination wrench and a 30mm socket as well as the appropriate socket for your lug nuts.

Maverick R Tools

Another suggestion, is to carry your tool roll inside a waterproof container or dry bag. There’s nothing worse finding out your tools have been sitting there rusting between rides. Nelson Rigg makes an extra thick, 10 liter, Hurricane Dry Roll Bag perfect for carrying a took kit. Nelson Rigg makes tool kits and sells empty tool rolls as well.  Keep your tools out of the weather, you will thank us later.

Here’s what you need to make your own Maverick R Tool Kit tool kit.


6mm: Oil filter

8mm: Trans drain/fill, steering rack

10mm: Trans drain


Blade: Hose clamps, throttle body

T20 Diff, door

T27: Diff, body, mirror

T30: Starter, oil filter, body, diff, mirror

T40: Brake rotor

T45: Caliper


7mm: Hose clamp

8mm:  Oil filter, starter, clamps, lights,  body

9mm: Brake bleeder, 

10mm: Body hangers, fan, exhaust, valve cover, rock guards,  brake line, seat, battery 

12mm: Brake line,

13mm: Exhaust, driveshaft, steering rack,

15mm: Rock guards, motor mounts, trans fill, swaybar, caliper bracket, upper ball joint

16mm: Seat belt, front tow hook

17mm: Oil drain

18mm: Steering rack, swaybar, hub, rod end, seat belt, ROPS

19mm: Lugnuts, lower ball joint, swaybar, 

21mm: Radius rod, toe link, trailing arm, shock, A-arms

24mm: Tire rod, toe link

29mm: Tie rod

30mm: Axle

36mm: Tie rod


Pliers: Cotter pins

Snap Ring Pliers: Ball joint

Stock toolkit: Sparkplug

Rivet Gun: Body, skids

The stock Can-Am tool kit lacks a bunch of tools that are needed for the R including a few Torx bits, 18-21mm wrenches and Allen wrenches just to name a few.

Make your own Honda Talon Tool Kit HERE

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