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We are working on a killer Honda Talon 3X build for an upcoming issue. As we have been tearing it apart and reassembling the pieces, we have taken note of exactly what tools are required to work on it. Feel free to use our Honda Talon Toolkit list; however, keep in mind that if you changed or added anything from stock, double check which fasteners are used for those parts so you can properly build your own toolkit.

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Here’s what it take to make your own Honda Talon Toolkit


4mm: Exhaust hanger

5mm: Window nets, seats, rocker panels, bumper, dash, air filter

6mm: Engine, doors, bodywork, brake rotors

8mm: Engine


Phillips: Doors, hose clamps, throttle body

Blade: Engine


6mm: Hose clamps

8mm: Front diff, oil fill, timing chain adjuster

10mm: Body hangers, oil fill, oil drain, brake lines, battery box, steering, exhaust, engine, starter motor, throttle body, skid plates, shifter

12mm: Front diff, rear diff, brakes, seats, pedal assembly, door latch, exhaust, bumper, steering

14mm: Differentials, engine mount, brake line, sway bar mount, tie-rod ends

16mm: Seat belts

17mm: Trailing arms, shocks, A-arms, radius rods, sway bar, tie-rods, O2 sensor

19mm: Lug nuts, tie-rods, ball joints

22mm: Tie-rods

30mm: Axle nuts


Pliers: Cotter pins

Pushpin pliers: Push pins

Stock toolkit: Spark plug


To see what tools you need for other machines click on the name below.

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