Everyone has a list of things they bring on a ride. It ranges from food, drinks and tools to a GPS unit, camera and cell phone. Of course, different rides have different requirements, but there are five things we bring on every ride. We call this our UTV survival box. It goes on every ride no matter the area or distance.

UTV Survival kit
Pelican Vault is great for keeping supplies safe and dry.

Lately, we transferred the contents of our survival box into a Pelican Vault 200 case. Our box is bright green for two reasons. One reason is so that we don’t forget to grab it out of the shop when we are loading up. The other reason is so that if it falls out of our machine on the trail, it will be easy to spot. Inside the lid is written: “If found, return to UTV Action Magazine.” The following are the five things that always go in our UTV survival box.

UTV Survival kit
Micro Start Jump Starter


Antigravity’s Micro-Start Sport jumper box is four tools in one. Obviously, it’s designed to jump-start UTVs (or other small engines) in case of a dead battery. It can also can be used as a flashlight and a cell phone or GPS charger. In more desperate times, you can arc the two leads together, creating a spark to help start a fire. The AG Micro-Start Sport has been our go-to for years. Believe it or not, we have actually jump-started more pickup trucks and passenger cars than we have UTVs with this thing. The Sport is Antigravity’s smallest jump-starter, and they have products designed for larger engines, too, as well as OEM replacement batteries for every UTV. The Antigravity Micro-Start sells for $99 and can be ordered at, or you can call (310) 527-2330 to find a local dealer.

UTV Survival Air pump
Slime UTV Air pump 12 volt


If you have ridden more outside than at your local OHV park, you know that flat tires can happen in remote places and in some cases leave you stranded. Since the beginning of time, we have carried tire plugs and some way to fill ATV, and now UTV, tires on every ride. Our go-to is the small-to-medium-sized 12-volt units from Slime. In this kit, we are carrying a dozen plugs and the compressor out of a $35 Slime Power Spair kit. Slime offers a ton of tire-repair products like this on their website:


Any kit is better than no kit at all, but the bigger the better. You never know when someone out on the trail will need help. There are tons of first-aid kits that can be purchased at Walmart or even on Amazon. But better yet, you can build your own depending on your space and the supplies you think you might need. At, you can find tips on what first-aid items to take the next time you head out on the trail.


There are a variety of sealed meals available these days with the big “prepper” movement going on; however, we use good ol’ U.S. government-issued MREs. They are very high in calories, and the hungrier you are, the better they taste.

What to carry in your UTV


Space blankets take up very little room and can be used for all sorts of things. In addition to keeping you warm, they can be used for a temporary shelter or roof for your car. We have also used them for ground cloths to sleep on and for a work station when repairing a vehicle in the sand. Any sporting goods store, pharmacy or your local Harbor Freight store will carry inexpensive space blankets.

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