How to make your UTV invisible

— Stealth UTVs from every manufacturer —

     Camouflage is in, and it’s here to stay. As always, it’s huge in the hunting and fishing worlds, but camo is about more than just sneaking up on wild game animals. It has become more of a statement or even a way of life. Camo has long been hugely popular in the South and Northwest, but we’re even seeing a huge increase in the popularity of camo out here on the West Coast. Regardless of whether you’re looking to blend in with nature for that epic hunt or just want to showcase your true sportsman roots, UTV and ATV manufacturers have all kinds of offerings—from camo-dipped UTVs to accessories and clothing. The aftermarket is right there behind them, with more and more camo options hitting the scene every year.


TEXTRON/ARCTIC CAT: The boys at Arctic Cat have Alterra XT700 ATVs getting camo-dipped in True Timber Fall HTC. You can also find similar-patterned clothing and accessories at or your local dealer.

CAN-AM: As BRP likes to put it, Mossy Oak Camouflage is designed for minimal visual disturbance. The Break-Up Country pattern uses shadows to achieve added depth while blending into whatever nature you’re into. Defender, Defender Max DPS, XT and XT Cab packages include Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. Mossy Oak Commander XT UTV trim packages are also available. BRP offers a Defender HD10 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ($19,699), a Commander 1000 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ($18,899), and an Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 570 ($9,649) and 1000 ($13,649). Commander MOHEs have Kolpin 6.0 Impact gun boots and a 4500-pound winch, while the Defender MOHE sports Kolpin Stronghold gun boots and tool holders.

KAWASAKI: The 3D-pattern Realtree Xtra Green Camo claims to be the most effective early-season camo pattern on the market. Most effective anytime and anywhere green is needed, the Realtree APG-XTRA Green Camo is available on the Teryx4 and Teryx 800FI, as well as the Mule, Mule SX, Mule Trans, Mule Pro-FX and Mule Pro-FXT models. There is also a new Matrix Camo Grey option for Teryx and T4 limited editions this year. Kawasaki also ups the invisibility factor with Teryx and Teryx4 fabric roofs ($119.95–$149.95), a soft cab enclosure ($334.95–$469.95), soft-cabin doors ($579.95–$769.95), Mule Pro-FXT seat covers ($76.95), a cab enclosure roof/back ($389.95) and doors ($719.95) in Realtree Xtra Green. Mule SX cab enclosures are $304.95 and $579.95 for the door set.

HONDA: Not seeing is believing with Honda Phantom Camouflage. Phantom Camo is tested and developed for maximum effectiveness in North American environments
during any season. Honda’s reality-based, non-repeating natural camo is back on the Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe, Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe LE, and Pioneer 500, but you can still find the 2017 models on many showroom floors. For the Pioneer 1000-5, Honda offers an HPC fabric roof/back option for $259.95 and doors for $525.95 front and $599.95 rear.

YAMAHA: Yamaha released its all-new 2018 Wolverine X4 and Kodiak 450 with Realtree Xtra Camo. You can also get Realtree Xtra Camo-dipped Grizzly and Kodiak 700 ATVs for $450, Wolverine 700s and Vikings for an extra $300, and Viking VI UTVs for $600. Yamaha also offers Wolverine and Viking gun boots, mounts and cases starting at $108.

POLARIS: “Stealth is the name of the game when in pursuit.” Polaris’ Pursuit Camo pattern is said to blend into the environment and not disturb the wildlife. Polaris offers extensive camo coverage, and it’s available on select Sportsman ATVs and Ranger UTVs, including the Ranger 570 and 570 4, XP 900 and Crew, XP 1000 and Crew and EV Li-Ion. Polaris also offers a Hunter Edition General ($18,999) and Ranger 1000 EPS ($16,999) with EBS and Active Descent Control (ADC), a 4500-pound winch, and Lock & Ride gun scabbards and mount.

SUZUKI: While they still don’t have a UTV offering, the KingQuad 4×4 ATVs still get True Timber water-dipped camouflage for 2018. True Timber Camo is available on 750AXi, 750AXi EPS, 500AXi, 500AXi EPS, and 400ASi models for an extra $400.

TEXTRON OFF-ROAD: Once again, quite possibly the best early-season camo pattern available, the Textron Off-Road’s Stampede 900 EPS extra cab will come in True Timber Kanati Camo for an extra $600. Textron also offers a Hunter package for another $3,751, and it includes a sunroof, full windshield, front rack, winch, and heavy-duty front and rear bumpers. Textron’s accessory gun mount ($145.99) and bow holder ($195.99) use L-track seat-back mounts.

JOHN DEERE: Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo is the all-season, all-region camouflage for timbered areas. It’s designed to be effective and versatile, spanning all seasons, even in the depths of winter. The RSX860i and select other XUVs are available in Realtree Hardwoods Camo for an extra $650.

KYMCO: The multidimensional True Timber New Conceal pattern can be used anytime there is green visible, from early fall to late spring. The Kymco UXV700i, UXV500i, UXV450i and MXU450i 4x4s come in True Timber New Conceal Camo versions, and Kymco offers a UXV gun-boot kit with mount for $274.99.


CAMOMYRIDE: offers a 40-square-foot kit to camouflage just about any UTV with Realtree-patterned camo ($230). Available in Realtree Max 5, Xtra Green, Xtra, Advantage Max 1 HD, AP Pink HD, and AP Snow HD. The Moonshine kit includes a 48×120-inch sheet of matte finish with air-release technology for easy anti-bubble installation ($225). See

KC HILITES: KC Hilites offers its high-quality C-Series LED light bars with a camouflage outer pattern for optimal concealment and a versatile and bright combo pattern. Camo is available on the 20-inch ($318),10-inch ($215) and 6-inch ($169) LED bars; the 3-inch C3 LED pods ($196); and even the old-school 6-inch Daylighter halogen systems ($245). Check out

CAMOWRAPS: Camowraps allows you to wrap your own UTV or ATV in licensed Realtree Xtra, Max-1 HD, Max-5 HD, Xtra Green, Xtra Pink, or Xtra Snow. You can also opt for Moonshine Camo wraps with Serenity, Outshine, Muddy Girl, Toxic, Undertow, Wildfire and Harvest Moon. The UTV kit includes three 48×60-inch sheets of adhesive vinyl graphics with air-release, bubble-free installation ($240), while ATV kits include four 24×60-inch sheets for $159.99. See

KOLPIN: If you want a camouflage gun boot, Kolpin’s Gun Boot IV comes in Realtree All-Purpose (shown) or Mossy Oak Break-Up for $96.59. Kolpin also has new DryArmor long-gun cases in pursuit Woodland and Crypsis Waterfowl camo for $229.99.

MOOSE UTILITY DIVISION: Moose makes camo fabric cab enclosures in Mossy Oak Break-Up. They are perfect for winter or rainy-weather riding and are available for Kawasaki Mule 610/SXs, 4000s, 3000s and Teryx, Polaris RZRs and Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos, and Honda Big Reds for $524.95–$525.95. They include a roof, back, and doors with automotive-grade clear, flexible, acrylic windows and are made of 500-denier nylon or 600-denier PVC-backed polyester (Teryx only).

MOOSE UTILITY DIVISION: Moose also makes camouflage fabric roof caps in Mossy Oak Break-Up for Prowlers, RZRs, mid- and full-sized Rangers, Rhinos, and Vikings for $84.95–$109.95. They feature hook-and-loop roll-cage closures or buckled straps (Rangers).

COLEMAN: The Coleman UTV gun scabbard ($69) keeps your gun and ammo within easy reach and comes in a Realtree APG Camo design. The easy roll-up closure provides easy access, and it detaches from the UTV and doubles as its own carrying case with a top handle. See

CAMOCLAD: Choose from 15 camouflage producers (A-Tacs to True Timber) to wrap your utility UTV or ATV in several packages, including Premium UTV with 60 square-feet of sheets ($270–$288), Economy UTV ($204+), Polaris 2008 RZR Pre-Cut Camo kit (shown, $282), Premium ATV (40 square-feet, $180+) or Standard ATV (30 square-feet, $108–$145). See or call (800) 585-8550.

MOSSY OAK GRAPHICS: Wrap everything from guns, scopes, ATVs, UTVs, boats and more with high-quality 3M cast-vinyl Mossy Oak Matte Camo rolls ($12) or UTV Wrap kits ($279.95) in 14 licensed Mossy Oak patterns: Break-Up, BU Country, BU Infinity, BU Pink, Obsession, Shadow Grass Blades, Treestand, Duck Blind, Brush, Bottomland, Winter, Winter Brush, Blaze and Bottomland Pink. Call (888) 6558 or visit

FOX RACING: Fox has partnered with Realtree to present its new Fox Racing Realtree Collection, with the most camo being the zip hoodie with Fox-head logo ($79). There is also a pull-over hoodie ($69), three T-shirts ($24–$32) with the $30 Premium tee being all camo, and three Realtree Flexfit hats ($30). Combine soft fabrics and quality construction with Realtree’s pattern to blend in with nature or stand out in a crowd. See or call (888) 369-7223.

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