ATV and UTV mud bogging has been gaining a cult-like following in the South. This incredible increase in popularity has caught the eye of the OEM manufacturers enough to warrant multiple mud-specific machines from Arctic Cat, Can-Am and Polaris. This growth and sudden interest has also sparked a fire under the ATV and UTV tire industry to develop a bigger and better mud-specific tire selection. A lot of time, thought and R&D has gone into these tires, and there is definitely a specific mud tire available for each and every user. From competition mud pits to the swamps to a muddy, snowy trail in the north, the proper tire can keep you in traction and having fun!

Mud1_-mudevil30x10x14_bcAMS MUD EVIL

Construction: Radial

Reason for being: Available through your authorized Parts Unlimited dealer, the AMS Mud Evil is built for a smooth ride and great deep-mud traction.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-14

Prices: $198–$244

Worth knowing: The Mud Evil features a 2-inch tread depth for excellent grip with overlapping center tread and excellent clean-out. Massive sidewall tread finds traction in the ruts.


Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: Designed for deep mud-bogging performance, the monstrous tread is cupped to churn through swamps.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 27×9-14, 27×11-14, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-14

Prices: $150 & up

Worth knowing: Even the shoulder tread is hooked for additional bite, and it’s medium-soft compound grips for added traction in sand, gravel, dirt, mud or anything else you could encounter. N4D protection is four layers of nylon-reinforced composite material for maximum puncture resistance.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: The Behemoth is a mud tire that is built to perform equally as well in rocky, sandy or soft terrain. Deep, ridged shoulder lugs provide cornering traction, predictable sliding and extra sidewall protection. The aggressive tread design is designed to conquer both woods and desert trails.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: Front: 25×8-12, 26×9-12, 26×9-14, 27×9-14. Rear: 25×10-12, 26×11-12, 26×11-14, 27×11-14

Prices: $179–$224

Worth knowing: Radial construction inspires confidence at higher speeds with lower rolling resistance on hardback conditions. The 8-ply construction gives the Behemoth the extra load capacity necessary for today’s larger UTVs.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: Built for extreme mud conditions, the CST Sludge Hammer will claw your UTV or ATV out of the deepest of mud holes.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 30x10R12, 27x10R14, 28x10R14, 30x10R14, 32x10R14, 35x10R14, 35x10R17

Prices: $225 & up

Worth knowing: The Sludge Hammer features radial construction with super-tall (1.75-inch) tread bars for maximum traction through the thickest mud. The 6-ply tire is also said to handle heavy loads and provide a healthy, long tread life.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The Moapa is an all-around performance UTV tire that’s as happy on a groomed MX track as it is in the sloppy wet woods. The 12-ply run-flat feature allows for operation at 0 psi for up to 50 miles at speeds of 40 mph.

Ply numbers: 6-ply. Also available in 12-plyprated run-flat

Sizes: Front: 25×8-12, 26×9-12, 26×9-14, 28×10-14. Rear: 25×10-12, 26×11-12, 26×11-14, 28×12-14, 30×10-14

Prices: $86–$150 each. Run-flats $154–$199

Worth knowing: The Moapa features an aggressive, multi-directional tread that is reversible for additional tread life and performance. Both the 6- and 12-ply models are made from a firm compound rubber for superior strength and durability. The 30×10-14 is DWT’s newest size that everyone has been asking for since the Moapa’s initial release.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The MotoBoss is built to deliver the best of both worlds, performance and ride quality. EFX has combined the finest deep-mud traction with a smooth, plush ride quality to create what they call the finest all-purpose mud tire that can claw, climb, push and just plain overcome any obstacle.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-15, 34×10-16

Prices: $205–$246

Worth knowing: The specially designed sidewall lug is said to give an edge on the competition, whether it be in the mud pit or on boulders or incline trails. The MotoBoss is a bullet-proof, 6-ply carcass with +2-inch lugs and a new softer compound.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: Extreme all-terrain traction, the Spartacus is a hefty, durable 8-ply tire built to conquer mud, rocks and everything else in between.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: Front: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×10-12, 26x12x12, 26×9-14, 27×9-14. Rear: 25×10-12, 26×10-12, 26×12-12, 26×9-14, 27×9-14, 27×11-14. Coming soon: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-14

Prices: $125–$190 each

Worth knowing: Heavy-duty construction makes the Spartacus especially resistant to punctures and tears. Expect great traction, control and durability.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The Silverback MT2 is a mud-performance-specific tire with a three-stage lug design for aggressive mud traction and a smooth ride for a smoother ride between the pits.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 30×9-14, 33×10-14, 33×10-15 and a massive 36×10-18

Prices: $214–$324 each

Worth knowing: The MT2 has 2-inch lugs across the entire contact surface with bead-to-bead lug design for full sidewall traction. Its flattened profile increases ride quality and improves lug longevity.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The Outlaw 2 is a full-on mud tire that features sidewall tread all the way to the wheel for unbeatable traction in the ruts. Its flatter profile improves ride quality over the previous generation.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 28×9.5-14, 29.5×9.5-14, 32×10.5-14, 34.5×10.5-16. Rear: 28×11-14, 29.5×9.5-14, 29.5×11-14, 32.5×10.5-14, 34.5×10.5-16

Prices: $184–$285

Worth knowing: The Outlaw 2’s tread is 1 5/8 inches at the center and a massive 2 3/8 inches on the shoulder.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: This super-aggressive, purpose-built mud tire uses the proven chevron-style tread for maximum forward traction. The paddle-like shoulder configuration provides maximum side bite for climbing in and out of the mud.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 30×10-14, 32×10-15, 34×10-17, 36×10-17

Prices: $215–$295

Worth knowing: The graduated lug height is 1.5 inches in the center, growing to 2 inches at the shoulder. The self-cleaning Cryptid uses a grooved center lug to channel away mud and debris.



Construction: Bias

Reason for being: ITP’s brand-new mud tire is a new SxS directed twist on the proven-classic Mud Lite.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 26×9-12, 26×11-12, 27×9-14, 27×11-14, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-14

Prices: $81-$190

Worth knowing: The redesigned tread pattern improves traction, mud clean-out, and overall ride comfort. Shoulder protection has been improved and they added stabilizing cords to reduce flex.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: Kenda’s Executioner mud tire is built to get you through the deepest mud puddles you can find.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 25×8-12, 26×10-12, 27×10-12, 28×9-14. Rear: 25×10-12, 26×12-12, 27×12-12, 28×11-14

Prices: $107–$170

Worth knowing: Kenda’s extra-tough casing resists punctures, and the directional tread design provides great clean-out. Built-in rim-saver technology will protect your wheels from dings and bends.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: This is Maxxis’ all-out, extreme-condition mud tire.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 25×8-12, 26×9-12, 27×9-12, 28×10-12, 28×8-12, 30×9-14. Rear: 25×10-12, 26×12-12, 27×12-12, 28×10-12, 28×12-12, 30×11-14

Prices: $158–$255

Worth knowing: The Mudzilla uses massive tread bars for maximum traction and uses increased flex to improve clean-out.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The true AT, this trail-friendly mud tire is also great in the snow and soft terrain.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 24×8-11, 23×8-12, 24×8-12, 25×8-12, 26×9-12, 27×9-12, 28×10-12, 26×9-14, 27×10-14, 28×9-14, 30×9-14. Rear: 22×10-9, 25×11-9, 22×11-10, 25×11-10, 24×10-11, 23×10-12, 25×10-12, 26×11-12, 27×11-12, 28×12-12, 26×11-14, 27×12-14, 28×11-14, 30×11-14

Prices: $100–$200 each

Worth knowing: The lightweight Zilla features a mud-slinging tread that is equally happy and comfortable on hardpack trails.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: Built for the mud, snow, sand and even hardpack trails. The Growler XOR claims to have the most technologically advanced tread pattern on the market.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 25.5×8-12, 25.5×8-14. Rear: 25.5×10-12, 25.5×10-14

Prices: $161–$185

Worth knowing: Sized at just a half-inch taller than most stock tires, the 25.5-inch Growler gives most ATVs a little bit of height and a whole lot of bite!



Construction: Armor Belt

Reason for being: The Anarchy features massive 2-inch lugs that run all the way to the wheel to power you through the muddiest conditions with ease.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: 29.5×9-14

Prices: $229

Worth knowing: Designed to be an extremely durable mud tire with Pro Armor’s 8-ply-rated Armor Belt construction and an impressive 1330-pound load rating.



Construction: Armor Belt

Reason for being: An extreme-performance mud tire like its bigger brother, the Anarchy, the 27-inch Dagger is sized to work with slightly smaller, less-modified machines.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: 27×9-14, 27×11-14

Prices: $209.95–$219.95

Worth knowing: The Dagger features 1.5-inch-deep lugs and is available in front and rear sizing with 9- and 11-inch widths.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: The 673 is the biggest, most aggressive mud tire in the QuadBoss lineup.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: 30x10R14, 32x10R14, 32x10R15, 34x10R14

Prices: $199.95–$269.95

Worth knowing: The 673 features a 1.75-inch tread depth with tapered tread for self-cleaning in soft conditions. They have a 1200-pound load rating for those bigger UTV applications.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: A heavy-duty mud tire with great a-around ride characteristics and an incredibly long tread life. Built for the larger ATVs and now available sizes for UTVs as well.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: Front: 24×9-11, 24×8-12, 25×8-12, 26×9-12, 27×10-14. Rear: 25×11-10, 25×10-12, 26×10-12, 26×12-12, 27×12-14, 28×10-14, 30×10-15

Prices: $120–$169

Worth knowing: High-grade rubber compound improves traction and creates an incredible tread life. The 1 1/8-inch-deep aggressive tread pattern works as well on the trail as it does in extreme conditions.



Construction: Radial

Reason for being: The InLaw is Sedona’s all-in, super-aggressive mud tire.

Ply numbers: 8-ply

Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×12-14

Prices: $215–$250

Worth knowing: Designed for an exceptionally smooth ride, long wear and extreme deep-mud performance. The InLaw’s lugs are 2 inches deep in the center and 2 1/4 inches at the outside edge, and built to paddle you through mud pits quickly



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The Out & Back XLT is built to propel any large-bore ATV or UTV out through the nastiest mud and then back in comfort.

Ply numbers: 6-ply-rated carcass for low-pressure operation.

Sizes: 30×9-14, 30×11-14, 30×9-17, 30×11-17

Prices: $165-$215

Worth knowing: They use a true 6-ply carcass with stepped-lug construction for optimum reliability in the worst of conditions. The 1.5-inch tread depth in the center extends to the shoulder.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: The XT uses a wider profile to increase flotation and traction in loose conditions without affecting your ride quality on hardpack.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 26×9-12, 26×10-12, 26×11-12, 26×12-12, 27×9-12, 27×10-12, 27×11-12, 27×12-12, 27×9-14, 27×11-14,28×9-12, 28×11-12, 28×10-14

Prices: $88–$153

Worth knowing: The unique 1 1/8-inch-deep lugs are stepped on the outside and dimpled in the middle for aggressive grip and efficient cleanup capability while maintaining ride comfort.



Construction: Bias-ply

Reason for being: Built for battle, these are full-competition mud tires for extreme mud use.

Ply numbers: 6-ply rating

Sizes: 29.4X8-14, 32×8-14, 36×7.5-20, 40×7.5-20

Prices: $209–$349

Worth knowing: A massive 3-inch-deep, self-cleaning tread acts like a paddle in the soupiest mud. The super-narrow 7.5-inch stance of the 36- and 40-inchers helps navigate the sloppiest mud but requires a custom 5-inch-wide wheel.



Construction: Bias

Reason for being: Built for versatility, the Intimidator uses a unique footprint that provides greater surface contact for maximum traction.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 26.5×10-14, 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-14, 34×10.5-15, 36×10.5-18, 40×10.5-20

Prices: $199.95–$389

Worth knowing: Two inches of shoulder tread gets you through the stickiest of mud holes or up the slickest hill-climbs. The angled tread design diverts mud and sand away for improved grip and traction.



Construction: Bias

Reason for being: The Bogmax is designed specifically for mud-bog racing and competition.

Ply numbers: 6-ply

Sizes: 30×10-14, 32×10-14

Prices: $210

Worth knowing: The Bogmax’s very deep tread pattern provides excellent traction in extremely wet and muddy conditions. Sidewall protectors reduce impacts and any possible rim damage. The tread compound is developed to be cut-and-chip-resistant for outstanding tread-life capabilities as well. ο

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