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— Guide to UTVs & accessories for hunting —

We’re big fans of expos and jamborees because we get to see new products long before manufacturers and vendors ever post them on their websites or in catalogs. The 2018 National Rifle Association (NRA) annual meeting in Dallas was no different. Yamaha, Textron, Kubota and Argo had booths, and we got to check out the latest and greatest in UTV-related hunting accessories. Here are 14 new products from the NRA meeting for those who hunt with UTVs, along with four more we saw at 2018 UTV jamborees.


TEXTRON PROWLER EV-IS UTV: Although the chassis is based on a golf kart, the EV-iS Prowler does 24.5 mph with twin 72-volt, 38-horsepower AC motors with all-time 4WD and regenerative braking. The EV-iS has four-wheel independent MacPherson strut suspension and a max-range mode with 16-mph top speed. The rear seat stows to create a bed for 400 pounds of cargo.

Motor type 72V AC-induction electric

Transmission Direct drive, 3 mode

Drive system 4WD open diffs


  Front MacPherson strut/NA

  Rear MacPherson strut/NA

Brakes: f/r dual disc/dual disc

Fuel capacity 8-12 hour charge

Towing capacity 1,000 lb.

Bed capacity 400 lb.

Length/width/height 111.8”/53”/76.8”

Tire sizes: f/r 25×8-12/25×10-12

Claimed dry weight 1,710 lb.

Colors Jet Black, True Timber Kanati Camo

Price $13,499

POLARIS RANGER EV UTV: Silently stalk game with a 30-horsepower, 48-volt electric motor; low-noise gears; and On-Demand AWD with Versa-Trak unlocking rear diff. The EV has four-wheel twin-puck brake calipers and independent suspension with 9 inches of travel. Towing has increased to 1500 pounds, and the bed holds 500 pounds.

Motor type 48V AC-induction electric

Transmission Direct drive, 3 modes

Drive system 1WD/2WD/4WD


  Front MacPherson strut/9”

  Rear Dual A-arm/9”

Brakes: f/r Dual disc/dual disc

Fuel capacity 8-hour charge

Towing capacity 1,500 lb.

Bed capacity 500 lb.

Length/width/height 110”/58”/73”

Tire sizes: f/r 25×9-12/25×9-12

Claimed dry weight 1,700 lb.

Colors Avalanche Grey, Polaris Pursuit Camo

Price $11,299; PPC, $11,899


EXTANG SOLID-FOLD 2.0 UTV BED COVERS: Protect your firearms and other cargo with Extang’s 2.0 UTV Solid-Fold hard bed cover for most Polaris Rangers with other UTVs to follow. The hard tonneau covers hinge in the middle and have a no-drill mounting system utilizing the Polaris Lock & Ride mounts. A new articulating front hinge (bottom) allows full bed access without removing the cover, and speed clamps lock it down for travel. A two-gun mount and a tail-gate lock are options. MSRP is $649. See www.extang.com.

GREAT DAY QUICK-DRAW VERTICAL RACKS: Great Day’s vertical racks carry two long guns inside the cabin and attach to the UTV’s floor or a model-specific adapter plate attached to the top of the floor or console. The aluminum frame is universal and powdercoated black with four rubber-lined U-mounts and Velcro-strap closures to secure two shotguns or rifles inside UTV cabins. MSRP is $140.

GREAT DAY OVERHEAD GUN RACKS: Great Day makes 11 models of overhead gun racks that carry two long guns each. Six models have two expandable aluminum frames that lock onto the front and back top tubes, with each having two U-shaped soft gun mounts with quick-draw closure straps. Model #QD859-OGR uses one expandable frame with four side-by-side soft mounts for two rifles, and this rack fits crew-cab UTVs with cross tubes 27–33 inches apart. Model #QD858-OGR fits Defenders and Rangers with non-round or Pro-Fit cages, while three other OGRs have a single-frame expanding mount to fit UTVs with side cage rails 42–60 inches apart. Prices are $122.99-$139.99. See www.greatdayinc.com for dealer info.

GREAT DAY QUICK-DRAW SHOOTING RAIL: For hunters with disabilities or states that allow hunting from vehicles, Great Day makes a padded camouflage rail that expands to anchor to the front cage uprights and supply a stable shooting platform inside the cabin. Construction is aircraft aluminum with one threaded mount for expansion and locking on tubes with rubber anchors. We found it at Walmart and Amazon for $48.

GREAT DAY UTV FRONT RACK: Great Day’s UTV front rack greatly adds storage for gear or carries game and pivots forward to allow access to the hood or front access panel. Two plates attach to the front cage bolts and have tool-less anchor bolts, while the front frame tube mounts to the tubular front bumper. Loosen the anchor bolts and the rack folds up for access. The aluminum rack measures 18x50x7 inches and has multiple tie-down points. Capacity is 250 pounds, and MSRP is $308. The rack weighs 14 pounds and ships by UPS. Great Day also has a Mighty-Lite Pioneer 500 rear rack for $206.

GREAT DAY POWER-RIDE GUN RACKS: Power-Ride gun racks have a more substantial central frame system with four square frames that curve at the sides and clamp onto the front- or rear-cage uprights from the outside. Two long, threaded rods cinch the cage mounts tight without tools, and four U-mounts with soft-foam inner liners cradle soft gun cases (not included). Three models fit UTVs with cage uprights 36–50, 42–53 or 50–64 inches apart. MSRP is $244.

GREAT DAY UTV/ATV POWER-LOADER: Put your UTV’s winch to use with Great Day’s UTV Power Loader. Telescopic lifting arms curl down to cradle game up to 350 pounds, then the winch lifts the cargo to the up and retracted position. Super-tough aircraft-aluminum framework is powdercoated black and weighs 29 pounds. It has a one-year warranty and has an MSRP of $520, but some distributors have it for $429. It fits most of the “Big Six” UTV models.

GREAT DAY QUICK-DRAW GUN CASE RACKS: For states that require guns to be in cases when transported, Great Day uses the same Quick-Draw technology with larger soft clamps and Velcro straps to hold soft scabbards (not included) either behind the cabin or overhead. Aircraft aluminum frames are black powdercoated, and one side is threaded to expand and capture the cage uprights or top rails. MSRP is $159.

BEDRUG MATT UTV BED LINERS: Bedrug liners mimic carpet, and Bedrug is expanding from
pickups and Jeeps into the UTV market. Bedrug is made of 100 percent polypropylene and is 100 percent waterproof and mold-resistant. It’s claimed to dry within 20 minutes and forms to the bed of any UTV, providing a soft, slip-free cargo area. Or, go with a removable Bedrug mat for the bed floor and tailgate only. MSRPs are TBA. See www.bedrug.com or call (800) 462-8435.

PACK RABBIT BACKPACK/SEAT: When leaving the UTV behind to stalk smaller game like turkeys, it’s nice to have a backpack that can carry your harvest and double as a chair. Pack Rabbit’s ETH3100 Turkey Hunter Elite combines a 3400 cubic-inch backpack with six compression straps and side pockets with a frame that folds out to become a chair. The folding frame is padded and vented for comfort, and the backpack is 600D polyester with ITW hardware, in either Mimicrist’s Karma or Blindspot camouflage pattern. Shoulder straps are also padded, and there is also an adjustable sternum strap. It’s $199.99; see www.pack-rabbit.com.

CRUSHABLE GUN VAULTS: Designed to securely hold one or two break-down shotgun hard cases (Americase and Negrini), Crushable Vaults are lightweight, soft-sided cases made for transporting guns in UTVs or whatever. Zipper-locked fabric exterior disguises multi-layer, 1680-denier ballistic nylon and three levels of cable locks for securely locking to the UTV or SUV tie-down points. They’re 12x12x38 inches for $448–$558. See www.crushablevault.com.

SEIZMIK ARMORY SST GUN CASE: Seizmik Armory SST (Secure Storage & Transports) gun cases work with Armory X-Racks to carry two rifles and still leave the bed open for cargo. They’re also designed with a locking hinge, which keeps the case open for easy retrieval or working on the long gun (up to 52 inches long). Foam blocks are movable and secure the gun firmly in place so bumps won’t affect optics. Cases are also removable from the vehicle-specific X-Racks without tools. SST gun cases are $199.99 each, and X-Racks are $159.99 for most popular models. See www.seizmik.com.

ISOTA RANGER/RZR RIGID TOOLBOX MOUNTS: Isota makes diamond-plate cargo boxes for all RZRs above 800cc, or go with inexpensive aluminum mounts to secure a 22-inch Rigid toolbox to the forward Lock & Ride mounts in a RZR XP1K, XP Turbo or XP 4 (doesn’t fit High Lifter Editions). The Isota Rigid toolbox mount is $29.95, and Amazon has the Rigid toolbox for $47.27.

KOLPIN XL-STRONGHOLD TRANSPORT: We found a more economic XL-Stronghold Transport gun case by Kolpin at $99 each. A hard plastic outer shell protects a removable interior premium soft case with customizable fitment and two storage compartments. The case holds long guns up to 52 inches with an integrated carry-handle and feet, plus a lockable, single-handed opening lid. Kolpin also has universal and Polaris Lock & Ride UTV auto-latch mounts for $59.99 each, so two Strongholds with mounts cost less than one Seizmik SST and mount. See www.kolpin.com.

ISOTA RZR XP4 REAR CARGO RACKS: Manufactured to replace one or both rear seats in a RZR XP 4, Isota’s rear cargo rack clicks into the OEM seat mounts (not included) for a solid ride. Perforated aluminum base and 4-inch sides provide almost infinite tie-down points for cargo, and they fit all 900, 1000 and Turbo XP 4s. MSRP is $229–$399. See www.isotallc.com or call (505) 404-9363.

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