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Right off the showroom floor, Polaris’s RZR XP 1000 is an incredibly capable, high-performance machine. A near-perfect combination of impressive handling, big horsepower and comfort have the XP 1000 owning the upper end of the extreme-performance category. We have logged thousands of miles on our test units—trail riding, duning, racing the WORCS series or even […]


If the UTV market were a campfire, it would burn bigger than a Ferguson, Missouri, gas station. Growth in the extreme-performance, recreational, utility/commercial and youth segments is bumping the rev limiter, and every manufacturer has all-new models for the 2015 riding, hunting, camping and racing season. To help you decide which hot new machine is […]


The deeper, the dirtier, the slipperier, the sloppier, the better. And, swamps to comps. The South is all about muddin’. Love or leave it, what used to be a weatherrelated inconvenience has created a whole new culture among ATV and UTV enthusiasts. Whether recreational riding in the swamps, hitting a muddy trail in search of […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Mud and Snow Tire

Recently, riding in the mud has become more of a calling than a burden. What started as a seasonal terrain option has turned into a full-on culture. Riding and racing through swamps or even man-made mud pits has become more popular than you can imagine. True mudders live for this stuff—the wetter, deeper and slipperier, […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Cold Weather Riding Jacket

The winter months are known to bring muchneeded moisture and the most ideal riding conditions. Minimal dust and traction enhancing, tacky, moist dirt might just be what the doctor ordered, but with winter comes colder temperatures. Don’t let colder temps or a little precipitation stop you from enjoying the best side of riding this winter. […]


Summer’s coming. It’s time to make use of these longer days to get out there and ride. There are all kinds of vented-gear options available, providing maximum airflow and wicking away moisture. Today’s high-tech vented riding gear can make all the difference when the summer sun is beating down. Here’s a quick rundown on the […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: 2015 Sport Quad Buyer’s Guide

The sport quad category has something for almost every kind of rider. There are high-performance competition quads with incredible engine performance and fully adjustable suspension for racers and aggressive riders. Most trail riders want  ATVs with smoother power, so there’s a good selection of these machines. Younger, smaller sport riders need sport quads sized right […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: High-Tech ways to beat the heat!

With summer coming, so is the heat. For some who live in milder climates, summer riding doesn’t require much additional prep. Riding in the desert or the South during hot summer months can be a whole other animal. Riding an ATV is an athletic performance that burns calories and creates exhausting heat. With extreme summer […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Top-12 Helmets – Under $200

Your helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you can buy. There is a wide range of ATV and MX helmets available, with prices ranging from $50 to nearly $800. The upper end of this market features exotic materials and the latest in safety technology, but that doesn’t mean every ATV rider, or […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: Action Video Cameras!

The current popularity and success of multiple social media platforms has proven video is where it’s at. Action cams are all the rage, as what could be cooler than showing the world firsthand what you really do? With the exploding popularity and technology, multiple new models and even completely new brands have hit the market […]

BUYER’S GUIDES: RZR XP 1000 Exhaust System

Throughout the history of powersports, the addition of an aftermarket exhaust has always been the first step in the quest for increased performance. In the beginning (early two-stroke days of ATVs), the lack of performance with stock exhausts was mostly related to lower production costs; production-stamped pipes couldn’t hold a candle to the trick, cone-built, […]

BUYER’GUIDE: 2014 Sport QuadS

Sport quads are all about going fast and having fun. These are the lightest, most responsive, best-handling ATVs you can buy. The most intense machines in this class are race-ready right from the dealer, but there are sport quads for play riders and learners too. They’re all here, with the prices and specifications that will […]


If there is global warming, it might be from the molten hotness of the UTV market, and 2014 will get even hotter. Arctic Cat unleashes its Wildcat 1000 and Wildcat 4 with a new X package to surpass the LTD, plus it unveils an all-new 50-inch Wildcat and Prowler 500 in XT and three HDX versions. […]