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2022 FOUR-SEAT 60-64-and 72-INCH-WIDE SPORT UTVs

2022 FOUR-SEAT 60-64-and 72-INCH-WIDE SPORT UTVs Sport UTVs have plenty of performance to share, and four-seat 60-, 64-72- and 74-inch-wide sport UTVs let more of your family and friends enjoy the best power, suspension and technology. Four-seaters are available in a wide range of price and performance levels, so we got all the information together […]


2022 TWO-SEAT SPORT UTVs When it comes to performance, the 2022 two-seat sport machines are the apex predators. Fortunately, they’re also easy to drive. We put together the information you need to know about these 60, 64 and 72-inch-wide sport machines so you can choose the best vehicle for your kind of driving. In coming […]


2022 TWO- AND THREE-SEAT RECREATION UTVs No matter how sport- or utility-focused your driving needs are, there are many recreation 2022 two-and three-seat recreation UTVs ready to suit your needs. These machines feature large cargo beds and impressive off-road capability to take you and all the cargo and gear you need on challenging trails. We […]

2022 HONDA PIONEER 1000 AND 700

We are halfway into the 2022 model year and Honda is finally releasing the new Pioneer 1000 and 700. The long wait comes with improvements to power, shifting performance, lighting storage and style. The already great sport utility machines will be that much better. Honda’s press release is below. For 2022, the new Pioneer 1000 […]


2021 ELECTRIC UTVs Electric UTVs aren’t a fantasy for the future; they’re already here. You can have all the capabilities of a gas-engine machine without the noise, fueling chores, frequent maintenance or emissions. Electric motors don’t even need transmissions because of their high torque at low rpm. Our guide to the 2021 Electric UTVs gives […]

Polaris RZR Pro R VS. Speed UTV, Robby Gordon Edition

RZR Pro R Verses Speed UTV  It’s interesting to note that Polaris priced the new 2022 RZR Pro R 4 Ultimate to the penny, the same as the Speed UTV, El Jefe, Robby Gordon Edition. The two cars also come standard with 225 horsepower although they do get to that number differently. For example, the 225 […]

1000cc UTVs UNDER $15,000!

1000cc UTVs UNDER $15,000! If the prices of 1000cc UTVs have kept you dreaming about one rather than driving one, we’ve got great news for you. Not all 1000cc machines are $20,000 and up. We found nine 2021 sport and recreation machines that let you enjoy 1000cc-class power and room for under $15,000! 1000cc SPORT […]

UTVs UNDER $10,000

UTVs UNDER $10,000 If UTV prices are keeping you from getting behind the wheel and out on the trail in a new machine, we have good news for you. There’s a surprising selection of UTVs under $10,000! You’ll find sport and recreation machines in this guide, along with all the important information you need to […]


2021 YOUTH UTV GUIDE About 6 seconds into their first ride in a UTV, kids start dreaming about driving one. Youth UTVs turn their dreams into reality with machines engineered for smaller drivers, and parents will like the many safety features that are included. UTV Action’s 2021 Youth UTV Guide gives you the facts and […]

2021 50-INCH-WIDE UTVs

2021 50-INCH-WIDE UTVs The 2021 50-inch-wide UTVs are the most affordable sport and recreation machines, and they give you access to more trails than the most expensive side-by-side models on the market! These nimble, easy-to-handle vehicles are also the lightest and easiest to transport, because they fit easily in a full-size pickup. We gathered the […]


2021 FOUR-TO-SIX-SEAT RECREATION UTVs Want a vehicle that can hold your whole crew of friends, family or fellow workers; conquer rough terrain; carry and tow serious weight; ride comfortably; and deliver impressive handling and acceleration? It sounds like too much to ask, but the 2021 four-to-six-seat recreation utility UTVs do it all. Some models, like […]


2021 FOUR-SEAT SPORT UTVs Want to take the whole family on a ride in a high-performance UTV? 2021 Four-seat sport UTVs are made for it. UTV Action’s Buyer’s Guide for 60-, 64- and 72-inch-wide four-seaters includes machinefamils with the ultimate in UTV power, suspension and technology. There are also many price and performance levels to […]


2021 TWO-AND THREE-SEAT RECREATION UTVs 2021 two-and three-seat Recreation UTVs range from sport-utility machines with sport UTV-like power and suspension, like Yamaha’s new RMAX2 1000s and Polaris Generals to utility-focused models like Kawasaki’s Pro-series Mules. They’re all able to take you and heavy loads of cargo or gear on challenging trails. We gathered the key […]

2021 2-SEAT 60″/64″/72″ SPORT UTV BUYER’S GUIDE

2021 2-SEAT 60″/64″/72″ SPORT UTV BUYER’S GUIDE Two-seat 60-, 64- and 72-inch-wide sport machines are the most popular among performance-minded drivers, and they’re at the cutting edge of UTV performance and technology. We gathered all the key information on this category in UTV Action’s 2021 2-Seat  60″/64″/72″ Sport UTV Buyer’s Guide so you can find […]