California To Require Whips On All UTVs

While it’s been the norm to use a safety whip flag in the dunes for decades, now the state of California is making them mandatory at two major riding areas.

California State Parks has implemented mandatory whips and flags on all side-by-sides at the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area (Gorman) and Ocotillo Wells ride areas 

According to the state, a whip is any pole, rod, or antenna securely mounted on the vehicle that extends at least eight feet from the ground’s surface and must stand upright when the vehicle is stopped.

 The requirement calls for the following:

  • Whips must extend at least 8 feet high from the surface of the ground when mounted on the side-by-side;
  • Whips shall have an attached flag that is a minimum of six inches by 12 inches and is attached to the top 10 inches of the whip.
  • When the vehicle is stopped, the whip shall be capable of standing upright while supporting the weight of the flag.

Expect more ride areas to follow this law. Whip companies will be happy to hear this. Plus, we agree it’s safer to run a whip than not to.


One of the most popular and affordable solutions is a lighted LED whip from Moose. Depending on your needs, you can get them in 3, 5, or 7-foot lengths. According to Moose,
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