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In our November issue we described how well we liked Can-Am’s new, mid-sized, 60-inch-wide Maverick Sport 1000R. The machine is a blast to drive in stock trim, but it’s missing some creature comforts. For good reason (cost), manufacturers leave certain items off base model units, not just to save money, but to allow you to customize the ride to your liking. We didn’t have to look any further than the Can-Am Parts and Accessories (PAC) catalog to find a host of products to turn one of our favorite base-model Can-Ams into a machine we can take on our long adventures.

Can-Am’s Maverick Sport 1000R has become one of our favorite 60-inch-wide UTVs to drive. Can-Am’s accessories make it even better. The products installed on this machine almost complete the car. We are still adding shocks and tires to finish it off.


Tops are an easy way Can-Am can reduce the price of its machines by about $100. A top is something people can easily add after the purchase. You can go with a simple fabric top for around $150, a plastic lid for $250, or a top-of-the-line aluminum roof for $500. Furthermore, if you plan to add an aftermarket roll cage, the roof will depend on what style you go with. Our test unit has the Lone Star Racing aluminum unit with rear wing kick up and matching orange paint. Up front, it is equipped with a 40-inch, dual-row LED light bar.

With six bolts, the LSR for Can-Am bumper mounts in minutes. Can-Am guarantees a perfect fit.

That roof is covering a pair of ultra-plush Beard Racing seats. The buckets bolt to the stock seat bases and still allow the sliders to operate for different sized drivers. In addition to the extra padding and cradling, the Beards have a belt pass-through cavity so we can use four-point racing harnesses. Those belts are from Beard, too, and offer easy adjustments whether you are cinching them down or opening them up for a bigger passenger. The seats do put the passengers an inch higher and close to 2 inches farther forward than the stockers do. So, tall drivers over 6 feet might want to try out a set installed in a dealer’s showroom car before they buy. Plus, keep in mind racing seats like this are slightly harder to get in and out of than stock seats; however, after your first long day on the trail, you will easily see the advantage of a seat like this over stock. In fact, you might end up preferring to sit in a seat like this over sitting on your couch.

This simple tube-type spare tire carrier is our favorite. It’s a space-saver and simple to use. LSR has them for all makes and models.


Out back, Lonestar also supplied a spare tire carrier that can be adjusted to work with any size tire. This simple tube unit is our favorite way to securely carry any spare tire. We mount the tire right behind the driver’s head, so when the driver looks in the mirror, he has the clearest view behind him at all times. 

The race bumper sticks out well past the tires and keeps you from ruining all the plastic pieces on the front end.

Next to that tire, we are using a compact cooler that secures with Can-Am’s LinQ system. It easily clips into a place on the bottom of the cargo bed and is removable using one quick-release lever. Unlike when you have to strap down a store-bought cooler, this product allows you to access things without having to remove any straps that might be tightened down over the lid. This thick plastic molded cooler has done a great job keeping our waters, Gatorades and sandwiches cool for hundreds of miles so far. It jiggles slightly in the mount, but has always stayed securely in place.

The Beard seats add a ton of comfort, but take out a little legroom in an already-small cockpit. If you are a tall driver, make sure you do a test sitting before you buy.

Up front, our Maverick Sport has a bolt-on bumper from LSR that looks like it can house a winch for those times you need to self-recover or just clear the trail. Empty, it still serves a purpose by sticking out past the front tires, whereas the stock front frame rails do not. It and LSR’s intrusion bar gives the smaller Maverick more of an X3 look. Intrusion bars help keep branches and sticks out of your lap if you tend to drive off the beaten path. They will also help in the event of a head-on collision with a motorcycle or ATV rider or even big game—although we hope that never happens to any of you.

The intrusion bar gives the Maverick Sport a race car look. It’s also very functional at keeping debris out of the passenger’s laps.

Last but not least, we can’t forget LSR’s rock sliders. Not only do they help you save the plastic bodywork at the center of your car from getting chewed up on rocks or hard dirt ledges you might scrape over, they make for great tie-down points for hauling the little sport to the next great ride spot. Before that next outing, we are going to order a set of upgraded shocks from Elka and four new 8-ply tires from ITP to see if we can make this ride even more fun to drive. Be sure to revisit your Can-Am dealer to see what products they have in stock that will fit the ride you just purchased or are considering.



Lonestar Racing Aluminum Roof: $489.99

Lonestar Racing Front Bumper: $389.99

Lonestar Racing Rock Sliders: $379.99

Lonestar Racing Front Intrusion Bars: $399.99

Lonestar Racing Rear Intrusion Bars: $399.99

Lonestar Racing 39” LED Light Bar: $249.99

Lonestar Racing Spare Tire Holder: $249.99

Beard Racing Seats: $949.99

Beard Racing Harnesses: $179.99

Can-Am LinQ Cooler: $249.99

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