Can-Am Accessories’ Sport roof for the Maverick Sport is black polypropylene plastic—a long-lasting, original-equipment-quality, weather-resistant material—that doesn’t reflect as much noise as aluminum. Can-Am claims the roof is compatible with all windshields and that it doesn’t interfere with mounting lights on the roof. It’s $354.99, which is more than plastic aftermarket roofs for the most popular UTVs, but there aren’t many aftermarket choices for the Maverick Sport yet. Can-Am also offers a Lonestar aluminum roof for the Maverick Sport for $504.99 and a DragonFire aluminum roof for $514.99.

Can-Am Accessories Sport roof
Fasteners at the front corners, center and rear corners keep the roof secure. Weatherstrip-like material between the roof’s front and sides and the cage deadens annoying noise and vibration.


The only instructions that come with the roof tell you to go online for the installation instructions. The online instructions are very clear, but a printed sheet would be handy, considering the assembly and hardware used to install the roof. Several sizes of hardware are included, as is adhesive-backed rubber weatherstrip-type gasket material that has to be applied to the roof and to washer plates at the front fasteners. There are also nut inserts the instructions say you should install with a special tool. We seated the nuts by applying pressure to the screws that thread into the inserts as we tightened them. The installation takes a bit more time than for some roofs, but the gasket material and the choice of fasteners shows Can-Am’s concern for making a roof that stays on, lasts and doesn’t buzz from vibration.


Going from no roof (the way all Maverick Sports come stock) to any roof is a major upgrade, but the Can-Am Accessories roof does more than just keep the sun and rain off. The roof’s channeled design keeps water away from the door openings, and it complements the Maverick Sport’s angular styling. The gasket material between the roof’s front and sides and the cage also deadens annoying noise and vibration.


Can-Am Accessories’ Sport roof fits and looks like what it is, a part made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The only bad thing about it is, it doesn’t come as standard equipment.

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RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $354.99

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