Texplex Park in Midlothian Texas hosted the first of eight Texas UTV Race Series rounds, and there were a total of 160 entries, including 23 Turbo Pros and 24 Normally-Aspirated (N/A) UTV Pros. Eight championship UTV classes raced heats and mains in a motocross-style format. Two Pro, two Open and two Amateur classes divided Turbo and N/A UTVs, plus there were Under 1000cc UTV and Senior (45+) classes, along with two youth UTV classes.

Louisiana’s Kyle Hart topped the Turbo Pro class with a heat win and main-event win. Photos by Laurel Ball Wilson.

In Turbo Pros, Kyle Hart, son of motorsports legend Marty Hart and 2019 AXCC champion, scored a perfect 1-1 weekend and led an all-Can-Am parade of the top six spots. Zack Beavers was second with 3-2 finishes, ahead of home-track co-favorite Hunter Miller. His brother Cody Miller was 14th overall with a 2-20, and longtime Can-Am GNCC racer Jamie McCoy was fifth.

Cody Martin won his N/A Pro heat and main to claim the first-round victory and the points lead for the $40,000 N/A Pro championship.

IN N/A 1000 Pros, Cody Martin scored another perfect score of 1-1 in his Yamaha YXZ1000R, ahead of Mideast Hare Scrambles UTV champion Collin Truett in a Polaris (4-2) and Shawn Hess (3-3), who switched from a Yamaha to the new Honda Talon 1000R. Zack Beavers did double duty and was seventh N/A Pro with a 6-5 in another Yamaha.

Blake Gustin raced three full laps with three tires on his Wildcat XX to salvage a top-ten finish in N/A Pros.

Kyle Roach scored the 1000cc Turbo Open win for Can-Am with a 2-1, while Gerald Jones was perfect in 1000cc N/A Open in a Polaris. Can-Am took the 1000cc Turbo Amateur win with Rusty Pipes’ 1-1, and Honda took the 1000cc N/A Amateurs with a Zachary Stewart 1-1. Justin Jacobs (Pol) topped the Under 1000cc UTVs, and Rusty Pipes also took the Senior 45+ class win for Can-Am with yet another 1-1.

The next Texas UTV Race Series round will be February 8th at Texplex Park.

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Kyle Hart/C-A…1-1

2. Zack Beavers/C-A…3-2

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…1-5

4. Nick Burnham/C-A…4-4

5. Jamie McCoy/C-A…2-6

6. Chris Conner/C-A…6-7

7. Trent Savage/Pol…3-10

8. Tom St. Peter/C-A…12-3

9. Mike Taylor/Yam…7-9

10. Rhett Fuller/Yam…10-8

N/A UTV Pros

1. Cody Martin/Yam…1-1

2. Collin Truett/Pol…4-2

3. Shawn Hess/Hon…3-3

4. AJ Payne/Pol…2-6

5. Mike Taylor/Yam…5-4

6. Cory Williams/Yam…3-7

7. Zach Beavers/Yam…6-5

8. JC Chappell/Yam…5-9

9. William Thomas/C-A…4-12

10. Blake Gustin/A-C…2-15

1000cc Turbo Open

1. Kyle Roach/C-A…2-1

2. Kenny Gorman/C-A…3-3

3. Phillip Wilson/C-A…4-4

4. Laramie Freeny/C-A…1-7

5. Jared Mear/C-A…7-2

1000cc N/A Open

1. Gerald Jones/Pol…1-1

2. Perry Mahanay/Pol…2-2

3. Bob Stapp/Pol…3-3

4. Tyler Stapp/Pol…4-4

5. George Ramirez/A-C…5-5

1000cc Turbo Amateur

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1

2. Caleb Broeker/Pol…1-2

3. Ryan Ogden/C-A…2-3

4. Trey Thornton/C-A…2-5

5. Kody Nestel/C-A…4-4

1000cc N/A Amateur

1. Zachary Stewart/Hon…1-1

2. Braxton Moore/Pol…2-2

3. Garrett Bledsoe/Yam…1-4

4. Gatlin Martin/Pol…2-5

5. Lee Knowles/Pol…5-3

Under 1000cc

1. Justin Jacobs/Pol…2-1

2. Rachel Cheatwood/C-A…1-2

3. Parker Bunch/Pol…3-3

4. Langston Layne/Pol…5-5

5. Blake Helms/Pol…4-6

Senior (45+)

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…1-1

2. Rick Sage/C-A…1-2

3. Buck Jones/C-A…2-3

4. Terry Deck/Yam…2-4

5. Bobby Whitney/C-A…3-5

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