Dear Sarge,

When trying to reduce the toe-out on my Can Am X3, I have run out of adjustment. What is the proper adjustment procedure when you have run out of adjustment? Also when driving down a straight road, the steering wheel is not aligned straight. Is that fixable too?

Terry Reynolds

Phoenix, Arizona


Boot, I am not surprised at your Can-Am X3 alignment questions. Your Zooter has a tendency to go toe-out. You didn’t tell Sarge if you installed taller tires but toe-out is a side affect of taller tires. Also, the front a-arm holes will oblong, if they weren’t already pre-oblonged for you from the factory, they will with some hard ridding. Procure a front end gusset kit and tighten up that front end. ‘Cause it does no good to try to adjust toe with a sloppy front end! With the gusset plates installed, loosen everything up and set your steering wheel straight, then work the tie rods to get ¼” of tow-in. And while you are at it Boot, make sure the rear tires are toed-in too. If you find the rear of your Zooter constantly out of alignment, requisition XMX Engineering’s Radius Rod Nut Plates to remove the slop from the rear radius rods, here: Do it right Boot and your toe problems will be reduced, but not eliminated. Remember that things wear and need attention. So requisition a ball of string and then count off 50 and you will be on your way to a straight Zooter! Dismissed!

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