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When we spotted the trick Geiser Performance Maverick X3 at last year’s Sand Sports Show in SoCal, it was the intricate attention to detail, beautiful welds and craftsmanship that caught our attention; however, when we got behind the wheel, what was attached to the throttle pedal is what made our day. An Evo Powersports Stage 6 Big Turbo, STM Rage 4 clutching, and 32-inch ITP Ultra Cross tires allowed us to take this X3 to 106 mph across El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. To date, it’s still the fastest we have ever gone in any UTV.

A lowered cage and taller doors give this X3 a chopped look. It’s a show-stopper for sure.
The first thing wrong with the X3 we noticed back in 2016 was the top shock tower/radiator mount was a bad design. Geiser fixed it with a $274.95 proper mount. Geiser also has a better mounting system for the A-arms.
This is the section of the car that caught our eye. The fabricators at Geiser have experience building Trophy Truck components and have brought that quality to the UTV world.
If you are going to replace your stock half doors, why not do it with cool carbon doors? These doors and the rest of the carbon pieces are custom one-offs. Hopefully, they will be production parts one day.
STM’s Rage 4 clutch looks right at home on this build. It’s a work of art in itself. With it, we could reach 106 mph in this car. The carbon housing liner helps keep the stock housing intact if the belt explodes. With a properly tuned STM clutch, it shouldn’t explode. At $349.95, the carbon shield comes with a new EVO belt.

The 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 is the perfect showcase for the quality work the fabricators at Geiser are capable of. Highlighted by the beautiful craftsmanship of the suspension arms, the car is enclosed by ultra-trick carbon fiber doors, a show-quality interior, and sleek, lowered roll cage; however, the bread and butter at Geiser are smaller components like chassis upgrades, cargo fixes and billet goodies. Those items, along with the main frame and suspension work, turn a stock Can-Am X3 into one of the best-looking and -working UTVs we have every driven. Check it out. Geiser Performance is located in Phoenix, Arizona, but can ship nationwide. Contact them at (602) 777-1237.

MPI steering wheels come from an Indy car heritage with off-road durability. Behind it is a full carbon dash.
The complete radius rod and pull-plate kit sells for $1,434.95. It’s 10 times stronger than the stock plate. All three rods are fully adjustable and way stronger than stock.
The nice cargo rack starts at $299.95 and provides a cradle for items, as well as a ton more tie-down points. It’s a very needed upgrade for any X3. Geiser also makes a heat shield that goes under the stock cargo tray.
More carbon touches found their way out back, covering up the exhaust. It probably won’t discolor as fast as the stock cover does.
At the rear, trailing arms look as if they could bolt right on a Trophy Truck. The design and welds are beautiful.
For kicks, Geiser added a mid-flare to the rear down tubes. Why? Because they can! They can do wonders for your X3 or RZR. Call them at (602) 777-1237.



Car, brand, year, model 2019 Can Am Maverick

X3 X rs

Engine work Evolution Powersports “Big Turbo”

Stage 6

Transmission work Stock

Exhaust Evolution Powersports slip-on exhaust

Tuning Evolution Powersports “Big Turbo” Stage 6

Clutches STM Rage 4

Axles GV2 Revolution

Suspension arms Geiser

Shocks Shock Therapy

Sway bars Shock Therapy

Hubs/spindles OEM

Body Work Geiser Performance

Doors Geiser Performance

Cage Geiser Performance

Lights KC Hilites

Tires 32” ITP Ultracross

Wheels 15” Raceline Ryno

Roof Geiser Performance

Paint/Wrap Cactus Wraps


Steering wheel MPI



Dash Geiser Performance

Switches Switch Pros

Gauges AIM Sports

Radio Rugged Radios

Interco, Rugged Radios

Helmet Pumper Rugged Radios

Navigation Lead Nav

Contact (602) 777-1237

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