Dear Sarge,

Can you help with my Can-Am X3 front end problems? My 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 has a noise in the front end that makes a popping sound. I thought it was a ball joint, but I can’t feel any play in the steering. I know it is in the front end, but short of a complete teardown, I thought I would ask for your opinion.

Lawrence Longway

Beatty, Nevada

Private Long John, given your location, I can safely assume your Zooter has spent its fair share of time in the desert. And, Boot, the desert is a harsh environment for moving parts. Most likely, one of two things is worn in your Zooter’s front end (and maybe both). Either your A-arm bushings are worn and there is shucking, or your front bulkhead plate’s holes are egg-shaped, again, causing shucking. I would recommend requisitioning a replacement set of Hyperflex polyurethane A-arm bushings (even if your bushings are found to be okay, because you will have the front end apart anyway, and the Hyperflex bushings are higher quality than OEM). I also suggest you requisition a bulkhead gusset kit, because I suspect the bulkhead bolt holes are the real reason for your popping. A good source for the Hyperflex bushings is Energy Suspension (https://energy HCR Racing has the bulkhead gusset kit: https://hcrracing
gusset-kit. You can see UTV Action’s full text on the 2018 X3 here: 
Assuming everything else is tight in your front end as you stated, these two kits will cure your popping problem. You are to report to the Motor Transportation Chief at the depot motor pool at zero-dark 30, because we have a lot of worn-out Humvees that need attention! They will be good practice for you before you disassemble your Zooter’s front end! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

Being stuck at home all summer, I decided to build a small addition onto my car garage to house my Kawasaki Teryx. After the floor was poured, my wife sarcastically asked me if I intended to install a lift like an automobile shop! That got me thinking, Sarge, what portable lift would you use in my situation? Open tube or flat tabletop?

John Raymond

Las Vegas, Nevada

Private Almond, amazing how our wives can offer these nuggets of wisdom without even knowing it! I agree with your wife. A Zooter lift will make future service or maintenance work in your mini motor pool far easier, Boot! Actually, you missed the third category of Zooter lifts, the hybrid—part tabletop lift, part tube lift. So, first let’s look at the traditional tabletop lift. These are adapted from the motorcycle versions. The main problem with these lifts is, even though the Zooter is raised, it is essentially still on the ground! You don’t have any better access for oil changes and tire changes. Work is impossible because all four tires are still on the tabletop. The second type of Zooter lift is the open-tube version. This gives you unlimited access to all four tires, as well as the undercarriage. It is less stable than the tabletop version, but that is not to say it will tip over if you center the lift under the center of mass of the Zooter. Also, this version can be rolled out of the way when not in use. The third version, Boot, is the hybrid, with a tabletop that does not cover the wheels. You drive over the center table, leaving your Zooter’s wheels on the ground. Then, you lift with rubber blocks positioned between the table and the Zooter’s undercarriage. This gives you access to all four tires but still limited access for oil changes. You are going to have to view the links provided and make up your own mind (or your wife will make it up for you!) Laugh, Boot!

Full table lift:

Open tube lift:

Hybrid lift:

Now, have your wife help you count off 50, Boot! Dismissed!


Dear Sarge,

Our ranch is the proud owner of a 2020 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Texas Edition. Everyone who has used it loves it. There is one accessory we would like, but I don’t even know if this item exists. We have been looking at solid doors for our Ranger; however, what we really want are doors with side windows that crank down like a car’s. Sarge, is there any such thing made as an accessory? We were asking because of ventilation and dust control.

Bo Humphrey

Hawley, Texas

Private Humpback, so a little dust bothers you? I think you need a couple tours of the “Sandbox,” and you will know what real sand is! You are actually in luck, Boot. Polaris is beginning to issue complete sets of doors for your model that have real glass windows that roll down, like old-style automotive windows. They aren’t cheap, though, at $2650 per pair! Ask your local motor pool about the poly front door set with manual windows (P/N 2882561). The only two drawbacks that I can see are the increased weight and the crank direction. Somehow, the designer designed the crank backwards, so you have to crank counterclockwise to lower the window! Other than that, the doors reportedly seal well and will keep pesky dust outside. Maybe the only thing I like about Navy “Squids” is the “Sugar Cookie.” And, I think it would be appropriate for you and your crew, Boot! Dismissed! 

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