Dear Sarge,

I have a brand new Can-Am X3 XRC Turbo RR. I really like it except for the Maxxis Liberty tires. Either they are out of round or something is bent in the front end of this new machine. It has a wheel hop that seems to be on the right front. I checked the beadlock ring against the tire’s bead and it appears true. The white mark on the tire aligns with the rim’s valve stem. Could I have a balance problem Sarge? How do you balance a UTV tire anyway?

Terry Frank

Salt Lake City, Utah

Private Hotdog,

You balance a Zooter tire the same way you balance an automotive tire. FYI: There is a BRP service bulletin stating that an out of round tire/wheel combo with a beadlock wheel is a normal condition. I don’t consider a thumping tire on a Zooter as “normal”! The first thing I would have checked was the beadlock not being concentric with the tire’s bead. Since you checked the beadlock to be concentric, I would take the right front wheel assembly to a shop that balances tires and have the wheel mounted and spun. Look for an out of round condition. If there is, then either BRP or Maxxis owes you a warranty tire. If on the other hand the tire runs true, then have the wheel assembly balanced and then remount on your Zooter and retest. Boot, I need at least 25 pushups for this valuable information! Dismissed!

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