Dear Sarge,

Is it possible or has it been done to convert a Polaris RZR170 to EFI? Initially we had a lot of luck with the carbureted RZR 170 but over time, it has become hard to start and keep running. A new carb fixed the problem for about a year. Then the problems started again. So I had this crazy idea to try to adapt something from another small EFI engine and see if I could make something work. My son suggested I talk to you before I jump in and “wreck” his prize RZR!

Sam and Denny Wilson

Torrance, California

Boot, you “wreck” his favorite Zooter and you will have both of us ON YOU! Small carbs tend to have the bleed passageways fill up and become plugged. And there is no good way to clean the passageways out. The correct procedure is remove the carb and step out back and throw it as far as you can! Laugh Boot! Actually Electron makes small engine EFI conversions. They are mostly NOT DIY, but science projects here: But here is what I know about those kits on a Zooter such as yours; 1. Set the Pickup to TDC angle. 2. Set the ECU to -50. 3. Set the engine displacement to 170. 4. Set maximum RPM to 8000. 5. Connect the CKP wire from the Ecotron’s ECU into the CPS wire of the factory CDI. That should get you running at least. But more tuning will most likely be necessary. Have I scared you away yet Boot? No? Then count off 50 Boot! Dismissed!

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