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TEST: POLARIS RZR S 1000 EPS (July 24, 2017 2:34 pm)
WORLD’S FIRST FLYING UTV (July 23, 2017 7:48 am)
TEST: 2017 HONDA PIONEER 500 (July 22, 2017 7:41 am)

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Feb 23, 2017Comments off2060 Views

A new set of wheels is one of the easiest ways to really personalize your ride. A great-looking set of wheels will not only improve


Feb 21, 2017Comments off1290 Views

Camouflage isn’t just for hunters anymore. Many people wear camo as a fashion statement. They want to be seen, whereas hunters use camouflage to blend


Jan 24, 2017Comments off732 Views

When driving off-road you have to be somewhat aggressive to make it through tough technical sections. Based on the dips, rocks and steep inclines of

Top 10 Maverick Turbo Upgrades

Jan 23, 2017Comments off5458 Views

The Can-Am Maverick Turbo is already quite a beast in stock trim. While it’s hard to imagine it having even more power, it is readily

Top 10 Polaris RZR XP Turbo Upgrades

Dec 07, 2016Comments off6685 Views

The RZR XP Turbo by Polaris is arguably the highest performance UTV, or maybe even overall powersports vehicle, you can buy off the showroom floor.

BUYER’S GUIDE: Polaris RZR XP 1000 Ex...

Oct 21, 2016Comments off1285 Views

Since the beginning of the powersports movement, a performance exhaust system has been the quickest way to pick up a few extra ponies. In today’s


Sep 02, 2016Comments off1471 Views

Driving a UTV in the sand is a blast, and finding the perfect amount of traction for your machine with the proper paddle application is


Jun 23, 2016Comments off3006 Views

The current UTV and ATV mud tire market has been wide open for quite a while now. Bigger and higher-performance UTVs have been hitting the

New All-Terrain UTV / 4×4 Tire Buyer&#...

Jun 03, 2016Comments off5403 Views

For the most part, today’s ATVs and UTVs all come with pretty decent tires designed for all-around performance. With that said, there is plenty to

UTV Door Buyer’s Guide

May 14, 2016Comments off4135 Views

A  nice set of doors can really update the look of your UTV, and doors offer added protection from the elements. Whether it be a

Hardpack & DOT UTV Tire Buyer’s ...

Apr 25, 2016Comments off6633 Views

Tires are one of the first things that UTV and 4×4 ATV owners change on their machines, as most OEM tires are designed to work

ATV & UTV Track Kit Buyer’s Guid...

Apr 18, 2016Comments off9033 Views

There was a time, not that long ago, when a snow-filled winter would have banished most ATVs and UTVs to the garage until spring. But

Best Helmets under $300!

Apr 15, 2016Comments off4173 Views

Your helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you own. Not only is it a good idea to always wear one when riding

BUYER’S GUIDE: Yamaha YXZ1000R Hop-Up...

Apr 05, 2016Comments off6925 Views

Yamaha’s revolutionary YXZ1000R is a shrunken sand rail for the masses and an economical way to get into short-course racing. But beyond gobbling up sand

TOP 20 Sand Dune products you need to know ...

Feb 26, 2016Comments off6051 Views

As summer winds down, dune enthusiasts gear up for the winter riding season throughout the west, and two of the largest sand expos are the

BUYER’S GUIDE: Top 10 Wildcat 1000 Up...

Jan 21, 2016Comments off5117 Views

The Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 is a pretty amazing machine. Since its inception, its long-travel suspension has been impressive, to say the least. While deep