Nihilo Concepts was formed in 2000 by a group of motocross enthusiasts to design and manufacture grip kits, and carbon fiber, titanium, billet-aluminum parts and accessories for dirt bikes, from 50s to 450s to adventure bikes. Nihilo also makes brake parts like Run Cool brake pistons, oversized rotors, and now Ceven 16 contact cleaner.

A 14-ounce spray can is $8.99, and Ceven 16 works well for cleaning plastic before applying graphics, as it dries quickly without any residue.


Ceven 16 is formulated to remove oil and grease without disassembling components and to instantly clean engines, carburetors, brakes, transmissions, suspension, and plastic bodywork prior to applying graphics. Designed for technicians and mechanics, this parts cleaner contains no chlorinated solvents that can contaminate waste oil.


A 14-ounce can of Ceven 16 is formulated with heptane, ethanol and caron dioxide as a propellant. It doesn’t contain 1,1,1-trichloroethane or perchloroethylene, and it’s intended for industrial use. It’s highly flammable. The steel can comes with a plastic cap, nozzle and spray tube.


From anyone who works on their own machines to professional mechanics.


Ceven 16 dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue as claimed. We installed the clear spray tube to concentrate the stream and sprayed away oil and grime from engine cases. Caked-on grime took a few blasts, but Ceven 16 removed it. We also used it to quickly remove dust clinging to fluids on suspension and brake components. It even removed varnish from a dirt bike carburetor float bowl. Nihilo includes ingredients, warnings, instructions for use (shake well before spraying) and first aid should Ceven 16 be inhaled, ingested or splashed into a user’s eyes. We used nitrile gloves when using for safety.


Ceven 16 Advanced Cleaning Formula works as promised. It cleans oil, grease, brake fluid and grime, and dries quickly. It doesn’t leave a residue, so it’s great for cleaning bodywork before applying graphics and/or sponsor decals.

CONTACT: www.nihiloconcepts.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $8.99, 14-oz spray can

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