CF MOTO To Test Ai On Its Product Line

A company out of Canada called Potential Motors is revealing CF Moto is a customer for their AI-trained terrain perception and vehicle control technologies.

We see this as a possible “Live Valve-Smart Shox” for the drivetrain. With such technology in place, your vehicle could automatically activate throttle, brake and differential functions as it sees hills or other obstacles approaching on the trail. 

While we may eventually see small parts of Ai reach CF Moto’s recreational market, this tech will most likely be aimed at the auntonomous or self-driving vehicles aimed at the agricultural or military market.


Anyway, Sam Poirier, CEO and co-founder at Potential Motors said  “our software technologies use forward-facing sensors to create a new generation of vehicles
that can see, understand and proactively prepare for the toughest terrain ahead.



AI-based Terrain Analysis –  Real-time analysis of upcoming terrain using a suite of traditional sensors.

Proactive Control – Vehicle adjustments happen proactively, maximizing performance and safety.

Energy Optimization – Intelligent control systems optimize consumption. Broad Compatibility – Integrates seamlessly with a large array of vehicles, now and emerging.

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