Dirt City in Lena, Wisconsin, hosted the seventh and eighth rounds of the Amsoil Champ Off-Road Tour, and there were 130 entries in Pro Mod, Pro Stock, Pro-Am, Sportsman, 570, and 170 UTVs.

Rodney VanEperen won the Round 7 Pro-Mod main and was second in Round 8.

Mud slickened the course for Saturday’s mains, and Rodney VanEperen (Yam) put together the right combination to take the Pro Mod win over Robert Loire (Pol) and Andy Kleczka (C-A). It was VanEperen’s second win of the season, with the other coming at Crandon’s Round three. Former Pro Mod champ Kyle Chaney retired from the Pro Mod main with electrical issues, and his crew rewired his CT Race Worx X3. Chaney came out swinging on Sunday and put his #91 X3 into the Pro Mod lead. Rodney VanEperen made several charges on Chaney, but Kyle held him off every time for the win over Rodney and three-time winner Andrew Carlson (Pol). Carlson leads Pro Mod points over Rodney, 375-367, with four rounds to go.

In Pro Stock UTVs, points leader CJ Greaves (Yam) and Brock Heger (Yam) had dominated the first six rounds, trading wins each weekend. Dirt City would be no different, as Greaves took the Pro Stock win on Saturday ahead of series rookie Trevor Bushmaker (Yam). Bushmaker started his first Champ Pro Stock main in 16th and sliced through the field to take second away from Heger and cross the finish line one second behind Greaves. Heger took third but fought back on Sunday to take the Pro Stock win in a chaotic main. Heger took the lead with two laps to go and held off Jeremy Houle (A-C) for the win with Johnny Holtger third. CJ Greaves was eighth in the main and lost the points lead to Heger.

CJ Greaves topped the Pro Stock podium on Saturday over series rookie Trevor Bushmaker (right) and Brock Heger.

In Pro-Am UTVs, hometown heroes Tyson and Dylan Marquardt went 1-2 on Saturday ahead of Chase Kleist for an all-Yamaha podium. Kleist fought back on Sunday to take the win ahead of Dylan Parsons (Yam) and Dylan Marquardt, who leads series points. In Sportsman UTVs, Jake Jorgenson took the win on Saturday in his Arctic Cat, and Derek Tilkens (Yam) won the main on Sunday ahead of Sportsman points leader Colin Kernz (Yam).

Brock Heger came back on Sunday to win the Pro Stock main and take the points lead.

Dirt City is also the home track of the Holtgers and and 570 points leader Collin Paitl (Pol), who won the 570 main on Saturday ahead of Ethan Dresel (Pol) and Dylan Rohloff (Pol). Chase Braun came back for the Sunday 570 win over Paitl and Dresel. In 170 UTVs, Kody Krantz (Pol) dominated Dirt City and won both mains, but Eliah Holtger leads series points with four rounds to go.

Sportsman UTVs also had to brave a mud-slick track; Derek Tilkens (96) was third on Saturday and first on Sunday.

ERX Park hosts the next Champ rounds August 14-15 in Elk River, Minnesota.

Home-track hero Collin Paitl was first 570 on Saturday and second on Sunday.


Rd7: Dirt City, Lena, WI

Pro Mod UTVs

1. Rodney VanEperen…Yam

2. Robert Loire…Pol

3. Andy Kleczka…C-A

4. Brian Joski…C-A

5. Andrew Carlson…Pol

6. Andrew Fausone…C-A

7. Owen VanEperen…Yam

8. Luke Stubbs…Yam

9. Gabe Johnson…C-A

10. Tyler Krusick…C-A

Pro Stock UTVs

1. CJ Greaves…Yam

2. Trevor Bushmaker…Yam

3. Brock Heger…Yam

4. Adrian Cenni…Unk

5. Josh Luketic…Yam

6. Owen VanEperen…Yam

7. Zach Janke…Yam

8. Johnny Holtger…Yam

9. Scott Wasz…Yam

10. Jesse Klaus…Yam

Rd8: Dirt City, Lena, WI

Pro Mod UTVs

1. Kyle Chaney…C-A

2. Rodney VanEperen…Yam

3. Andrew Carlson…Pol

4. Owen VanEperen…Yam

5. Luke Stubbs…Yam

6. Andrew Fausone…C-A

7. Robert Loire…Pol

8. Brian Waszak…Yam

9. Chance Haugen…Pol

10. Tyler Krusick…C-A

Pro Stock UTVs

1. Brock Heger…Yam

2. Jeremy Houle…A-C

3. Johnny Holtger…Unk

4. Jacob Rosales…Yam

5. Matt Wood…Yam

6. Zach Janke…Yam

7. Jesse Klaus…Yam

8. CJ Greaves…Yam

9. Rob Steir…Yam

10. RJ Lego…Yam

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