Glen Helen Raceway hosted the last two rounds of the eight-round Great American Short-course (GAS) 2021 season, and championships were decided in five UTV classes – Production Turbos, Production 1000s, Weller SR1s, Youth 1000s and 170 UTVs.

“Bronco” Dan Kelly fielded a new look on his Maverick X3 at the midpoint of the series and won the Saturday Production Turbos at Glen Helen Raceway.

Round 7 saw Dan Kelly take his first Pro Turbo win of the year, and he finished fifth in Round 8 to solidify second-place season points. With a 5-2 weekend, Chance Haugen clinched the GAS Production Turbo championship for Polaris, adding to his 2020 Lucas Oil Regional Arizona and California titles. James Maki, who bought Haugen’s Champ Off-Road RZR Turbo, won the last round of the series ahead of Haugen and Kevin Walsh for an all-RZR podium.

Chance Haugen won five of the first six GAS Production Turbo rounds to gain a big points lead, and a conservative 5-2 weekend earned him the championship.

Production 1000s saw two new winners in the last rounds, as points leader Dallas Nord suffered a 15th-place finish in Round 7, as Karaston Hernandez led an all-Yamaha podium ahead of Cody Hodgson and Billy Nichols. It was Hodgson’s turn to win on Sunday ahead of Nord and Nichols, and Nord won the GAS Production 1000 championship by 31 points with five wins.

Karaston Hernandez (983) and Cody Hodgson traded Production 1000 wins over the weekend; Hodgson was third in points with Hernandez fourth.
Dallas Nord is the 2021 GAS Production 1000 champion with five round wins.

Weller SR1s were once again the fastest UTVs on the track, with points leader Jason Weller Top Qualifier on Saturday and wife Corry TQ on Sunday. Jason won both mains ahead of Corry, and Nick Peery was third Saturday with Matt Land third Sunday. Jason turned a 55.142 in the final round, the fastest UTV lap of the weekend, and he took the GAS SR1 championship with six wins and a 40-point cushion on Corry.

Jason Weller built a new SR1 Wolverine with a little more elbow and head room for the second half of the GAS season. He got a flat at the fifth round while leading and then won the last three rounds.
Drake Mittag was TQ five times during the season and won both Youth 1000 mains at GHR to win the championship.

In Youth racing, Drake Mittag swept the weekend in the Youth RS1 1000 class to take the GAS championship by 41 points with five wins. Jessie Owens and Chaden Zane Minder filled out Saturday’s podium, while Cole Gamma and Minder rounded out the final Youth 1000 podium of the year.

George Llamosas finished the season with eight wins and the Youth 170 UTV title.

In 170 UTVs, George Llamosas again swept both rounds to go undefeated for the year, winning the GAS championship by 84 points over Dexter Warren. Aadan Aguilar and Josh Hill stood tall on Saturday’s podium, and they repeated the podium in the final round.


Round 7: Devore, CA


1. Jason Weller…Yam

2. Corry Weller…Yam

3. Nick Peery…Yam

4. Larry Hayes…Yam

5. Matt Land…Yam

Production Turbos

1. Dan Kelly…C-A

2. James Maki…Pol

3. Anthony Ochoa…Pol

4. Kevin Walsh…Pol

5. Chance Haugen…Pol

Production 1000s

1. Karaston Hernandez…Yam

2. Cody Hodgson…Yam

3. Billy Nichols…Yam

4. Cody Vanderveer…Yam

5. Chad Williams…Yam

Youth 1000

1. Drake Mittag…Pol

2. Jessie Owens…Pol

3. Chaden Zane Minder…Pol

4. Cole Gamma…Pol

5. Ryder Chapman…Pol

170 UTVs

1. George  Llamosas…Pol

2. Aadan Aguilar…Pol

3. Jake Hill…Pol

4. Brixton Wirt…Pol

5. Dexter Warren…Pol

Round 8: Devore, CA


1. Jason Weller…Yam

2. Corry Weller…Yam

3. Matt Land…Yam

4. Christophe Redden…Yam

5. Larry Hayes…Yam

Production Turbos

1. James Maki…Pol

2. Chance Haugen…Pol

3. Kevin Walsh…Pol

4. Anthony Ochoa…Pol

5. Dan Kelly…C-A

Production 1000s

1. Cody Hodgson…Yam

2. Dallas Nord…Yam

3. Billy Nichols…Yam

4. Abby Keyes…Pol

5. Brock Hanmer…Pol

Youth 1000

1. Drake Mittag…Pol

2. Jessie Owens…Pol

3. Cole Gamma…Pol

4. Chaden Zane Minder…Pol

5. Ryder Chapman…Pol

170 UTVs

1. George  Llamosas…Pol

2. Aadan Aguilar…Pol

3. Jake Hill…Pol

4. Dexter Warren…Pol

5. Brixton Wirt…Pol



1. Jason Weller/Yam…427/6

2. Corry Weller/Yam…387

3. Matt Land/Yam…374/1

4. Dallas Nord/Yam…342

5. Nick Peery/Yam…328

11. Dustin Nelson/Yam…107/1

Production Turbos

1. Chance Haugen/Pol…419/5

2. Dan Kelly/C-A…378/1

3. Kevin Walsh/Pol…356

4. Anthony Ochoa/Pol…353

5. James Maki/Pol…268/1

7. Trey Gibbs/Pol…102/1

Production 1000s

1. Dallas Nord/Yam…397/5

2. Billy Nichols/Yam…366

3. Cody Hodgson/Yam…329/1

4. Karaston Hernandez/Yam…324/1

5. Braydon Beatty/Yam…286

8. Braden Chiaramonte/Pol…190/1

Youth 1000

1. Drake Mittag/Pol…430/5

2. Chaden Zane Minder/Pol…389/1

3. Cole Gamma/Pol…345/2

4. Jessie Owens/Pol…294

5. Joshua Guillen/Pol…170

Team Mittag

170 UTVs

1. George  Llamosas/Pol…432/8

2. Dexter Warren/Pol…346

3. Brixton Wirt/Pol…336

4. Ian Torfi/Pol…328

5. Aadan Aguilar/Pol…310

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