Dear Sarge,

I have a RZR900 that I use on the Hatfield/McCoy trails. I have some SuperATV fender flares to keep the mud at bay. The problem is in cold weather I have split the fender flares when bumping against a rock or tree. Do you have any clever mud protection ideas, like using SuperATV Nerf Bars or Rock Sliders to protect the fender flares? And will they fit with my installed fender flares?

Jonas Longway

Ethel, West Virginia.

Private Longjohns, are you aware this fine rag produced a buyers guide of rock sliders / nerf bars? Most likely not, because you are asking me now. See here: Of course you understand Boot that if you were a better driver, you would not be playing Bumper Cars in the woods! Laugh Boot! Generally a so-called “Rock Slider” bar or tubing protects the lower edge of the rocker. Whereas a “Nerf Bar” will protect up the side of the body further than a slider will. But there are cross over units that do both. I would suggest that since you have a SuperATV set of fender flares, that you look closely at the offerings from SuperATV. They have the Nerf Bars here: and the rock slider here: I didn’t see any disclaimer about fitment interference with the fender flares. Neither units will do much to protect the front flare but the nerf bars will protect a bit higher up the rear flare than the rock sliders will. But that all depends on where you are damaging the fender flares, front or rear, and high or low on the rear flares from playing Bumper Cars. A bit of recon on your part Boot before you drop some pay on a bar set would be in order. And that IS an order Boot! Contact SuperATV at (855)743-3427 or [email protected]. I think you could benefit from MARSOC Tactical Driving and Shooting Course. Either that Boot or I will have your Mommy cone the Hatfield/McCoy for you! Laugh Boot! On your face and count off 50! I’m not laughing Boot! Dismissed!

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