Dear Sarge,

I have a clunking 2016 Hisun Strike 800. Recently it has started clunking on decelerating. I live a long ways from a dealer and was hoping you could direct me to a solution. Accelerating and steady state operation is fine, just deceleration.

Clyde Barro

Cedar Hill, Texas

Private Bonnie, I bet you thank your parents for your name! Some Hisun 800 Strikes have been known to produce that sound and it is usually due to improper assembly at the factory. It could be a bad one way bearing on the primary clutch. Replace it with ANYTHING BUT an NTN bearing. Try RBL or KYK one way bearings. It could also be the nut has worked off the short drive shaft from the transmission to the rear differential. It could also be the retaining bolts holding the transmission to the engine mount. Basically you need to make sure the rear end doesn’t move when you wiggle it. If it does, then it is either bad bearings or loose retaining bolts. You will need a Shop Manual and I don’t even have to ask if you have one. Now do I Boot? Thought so. Get one from here: Boot, report to the Range with your “Chicago Typewriter”. I haven’t fired one since ‘Nam! Dismissed!

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