MidAmerica Outdoors was the place to be Memorial Day Weekend, and there were 230 entries for the Third Round of the MAO 2021 MAO UTV Race Series, including 21 Pro Turbos and 12 Pro N/A 1000s. Like the Texas UTV Race Series at Texplex Park, MAO uses a two-moto race format with split starts and separate scoring for each wave in the first heats to see who gets first gate pick for the mass-start and longer second heat, or main event. Each racer’s pair of scores determine overall winners on the day with heats on Saturday and mains on Sunday.

The Southern Rock Racing Series put on a great show with UTVs and Ultra4s both evenings.

The weekend festivities also included UTV Survival races utilizing the 1,000 acres of wooded trails and hills, Ultra4 and UTV Hill Climbs and Rock Bouncing, a Mega Truck short-course with UTV classes, and nightly UTV Drag Races, concerts and bonfires. More than 5,500 people came to MAO to camp, ride, race or watch racing, and have a family-fun Memorial weekend.

Spectators could watch from grassy hills or their UTVs, as the short-course snakes around a big valley and into the hills.

In Pro Turbos, Devin Young and his Yamaha had dominated the first two rounds of MAO Racing, but a slew of Can-Am racers were fired up to change that. Cody Martin won his wave in Heat 1, as did William Thomas, and Scott Champion and Zach Beavers were second in their waves. Young and Derek Tidd (C-A) were third. In the five-lap second heat, Young again put his YXZ Turbo in the lead with Martin dogging him the whole race and Champion on Martin’s rear bumper. Those three put on a great race, but it was Martin’s 1-2 that stopped Young’s winning streak for the overall. Scottie Lawrence (C-A) also ran up front after winning his wave in the first heat, but he limped to 10th in the main and 8th overall. Kainan Baker started the main in fourth but broke on the first lap.

Racers start on a huge downhill and then negotiate two large hills and sweeping turns before dropping into the valley. Kainan Baker wasted no time taking the Pro N/A 1000 lead in his RS1.

In Pro N/A 1000s, Kainan Baker also had an undefeated streak going including a 1-1 at the second round in his quick RZR RS1. Baker handily won his Heat and set the fast lap of 02:30.312, and Eli Bieschke (Yam) won his wave with a 02: 34.367. Baker holeshot the Main and led every one of five laps to win the overall with a perfect 1-1 and remain undefeated. Bieschke started second ahead of Ray Barnes (Pol) and Brock Lawson (Pol), but Barnes would drop out by the midpoint and Bieschke faded to fifth. Lawson and Shawn Hess (Hon) capitalized to make the podium with Baker.

Toby Garmon (71) and Rett Byrne (55) would trade Expert N/A 1000 wins with Garmon taking the overall.

There were also 12 classes of Experts, Amateurs, Women, Youth and Mini UTVs, and Ryan Tewksbury (C-A) and Rusty Pipes (C-A) ought it out in Expert Turbos and Vet 40+ Turbos. Tewksbury came out on top in all four Heats for perfect 1-1 scores in both Expert and 40+ Turbos with Pipes second all four times. Michael Gilliland II (Yam) was third Expert Turbo with 3-3 scores, while John Byus was also 3-3 in Vets for an all-X3 podium. Josey Watkins (Pol) won the Factory Stock Youth main and overall, but he broke in the Youth Mod class for fifth overall with a 4-DNS. Zach Smith (C-A) topped the Amateur Turbos with a 1-1 ahead of Rick Sage (C-A, 2-2) and Austin Vanover (C-A, 1-3). Expert N/As were a battle of RS1s versus YXZs with Toby Garmon taking the overall with a 2-1 beating Rett Byrne’s (Yam) 1-2 and Mitch Huddleston’s (Yam) 1-3.

The next MAO UTV Round will be June 25-27.

42162 OK-127 Jay, OK 74346

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Call or text: 918-837-0079


1. Jay, OK…PT D. Young/Yam, PS K. Baker/Pol

2. Jay, OK…PT D. Young/Yam, PS K. Baker/Pol

3. Jay, OK…PT C. Martin/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

4. June 26-27…Jay, OK

5. Aug. 7-8…Jay, OK

6. Sept. 4-5…Jay, OK

7. Oct. 30…Jay, OK



Pro N/A UTVs

1. Kainan Baker/Pol…1-1

2. Brock Lawson/Yam…2-2

3. Eli Bieschke/Yam…1-5

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…5-3

5. Matt Lippman/Pol…4-4

6. Connor Wood/Yam…3-6

7. Jeb Bootle/Yam…2-10

8. Drew Holdefer/Pol…6-7

9. Tucson Collins/Pol…5-8

10. Razy Barnes/Pol…4-9

Pro Turbo UTVs

1. Cody Martin/C-A…1-2

2. Devin Young/Yam…3-1

3. Scott Champion/C-A…2-3

4. Zack Beavers/C-A…2-4

5. William Thomas/C-A…1-5

6. Derek Tidd/C-A…3-6

7. Paul Wolff/C-A…4-7

8. Scottine Lawrence/C-A…1-10

9. Jordon Berza/Pol…5-9

10. Shawn Hess/Hon…6-11

Expert Turbo

1. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…1-1

2. Rusty Pipes/C-A…2-2

3. Michael Gilliand/Yam…3-3

4. Richard Baird/C-A…3-4

5. Austin Braden/C-A…2-5

Expert N/A

1. Toby Garmon/Pol…2-1

2. Rett Byrne/Pol…1-2

3. Mitchell Huddleston/Yam…1-3

4. Sean Philbin/Pol…3-4

5. Braxton Moore/Hon…3-6

Amateur Turbo

1. Zach Smith/C-A…1-1

2. Rick Sage/C-A…2-2

3. Austin Vanover/C-A…1-3

4. Shaine Paxston/C-A…3-4

5. Kaedon Steinert/C-A…3-5

Amateur N/A

1. Darren Greene/Yam…1-2

2. Allen Butler/Pol…4-1

3. Lee Knowles/Pol…3-3

4. Logan Ellis/Pol…2-4

5. Kaleb Edmonds/Yam…2-7

Women Turbo

1. Katie Thomas/C-A…2-1

2. Alexandra Kehlenbeck/Pol…3-2

3. Kendra Hoop/C-A…1-5

4. Morgan Vanover/C-A…5-3

5. Tori Nicholson/Pol…6-4

Women N/A

1. Shayleigh Broeker/Pol…1-3

2. Caitlynn Helms/Pol…4-1

3. Haley Bootle/Yam…3-2

4. Bree Seek/Pol…2-4

5. Benna Nye/Pol…5-5

Factory Stock Youth

1. Josey Watkins/Pol…2-1

2. RJ Termblay/Pol…3-2

3. Carson Vail/Pol…1-5

4. Emma Garmon/Pol…5-3

5. Rowdy Speaks/Pol…4-4

Mod Youth N/A

1. Carson Vail/Pol…1-1

2. Bree Seek/Pol…2-2

3. Brooklyn Singleton/Pol…3-4

4. Ashleigh Rowden/Pol…5-3

5. Josey Watkins/Pol…4-DNS

Vet 40+ Turbo

1. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…1-1

2. Rusty Pipes/C-A…2-2

3. John Byus/C-A…3-3

4. Perry Mahanay/Pol…4-4

Vet 40+ N/A

1. Terry Lackey/Pol…1-1

2. Chad mayo/Yam…2-2

3. Jeff Hughes/Yam…3-3

4. Randy Clifton/Yam…1-5

5. Austin Sides/Yam…4-4

170 Mod

1. RJ Tremblay/Pol…1-1

2. Landon Morrow/Pol…2-2

3. Brooklyn Singleton/Pol…3-3

4. Case Beeman/Pol…1-5

5. Dexter Warren/Pol…4-4

170 Limited

1. Landon Morrow/Pol…1-1

2. Dexter Warren/Pol…1-2

3. Connor Power/Pol…1-3

4. Suzanne Butler/Pol…2-4

5. Case Beeman/Pol…3-5

170 Stock

1. Ellie Engel/Pol…1-1

2. Sophie Hill/Pol…2-2

3. Waylon Coats/Pol…3-3

4. Anson Caraway/Pol…4-4

5. Bear Medlin/Pol…5-5

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