Texplex Park in Midlothian hosted its second of ten rounds of the Texas UTV Race Series, and Cody Miller and Ronnie Anderson again topped the Turbo and N/A 1000 Pros, respectively. The Turbo Pros podium was the same as a week ago with Kyle Chaney and Hunter Miller making it an all-Can-Am podium. This time around, Anderson was fourth Turbo Pro in his RZR Pro XP. Anderson and his RS1 again topped the N/A 1000 Pros podium, this time over Cross Kirchmeier (Hon) and Cole Keatts (Pol), and defending champion Collin Truett (Pol) was fourth.

Cody Miller (3) put on his second perfect 1-1 weekend in Pro Turbo UTVs. Photos by Harlen Foley and Dirt Nation.

Texplex has a land-rush start in the first moto with separate timing and scoring of waves, and the first-moto winners get first and second gate picks for the longer second-moto mains. Cody and Hunter Miller won their Pro Turbo waves, and Cody again took the lead in the seven-lap main, turning the fastest lap of the race. His 03:04.976 wasn’t the fastest of the weekend, though, as Myles Cheek turned a 02:54654 in the N/A 1000 Pro main. Trevor Leighton (C-A) was second briefly before being passed by Chaney. Hunter was way back in the pack off the start and moved up from 18th to 10th to 8th to 5th by the mid-race caution. Hunter and Ronnie battled the rest of the race, with Anderson finishing third in the race but fourth overall when moto-scores were combined.

Cole Keatts (69) has made the N/A 1000 Pro podium both rounds.

In N/A 1000 Pros, Kainan Baker won his first-moto wave and holeshot the seven-lap main, but he again suffered mechanical problems and fell to the rear. Myles Cheek briefly took over the lead ahead of Collin Truett, but Anderson charged from fourth to first as Cheek dropped back then fought his way back up to second. Cross Kirchmeier and Cheek battled for second in late laps, with Cheek taking the position. Truett dropped from second to seventh in the main, but his first-moto second gave him fourth overall on the day.

Defending Pro Turbo champ Hunter Miller won his wave in the first moto but had to work his way through the pack in the main to take third overall.

Total UTV entries were 193, plus 13 pit-bike entries, and the series has attracted several Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS) regulars including Pro Stock champ Myles Cheek, Ronnie Anderson, Chance Haugen, Trevor Leighton, and Robert Stout. WORCS competitors include the Miller brothers, defending Pro Turbo champion Corbin Leaverton, Anderson and Cody Bradbury. Rusty Pipes (C-A) again won the 40+ Turbo and Turbo Expert classes, but his perfect-score streak ended with Manny Esquivel (C-A) winning the Turbo Expert main. Rusty’s 1-2 beat Manny’s 3-1 for the overall. The next Texas UTV Race round is April 17th.


Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A…1-1

2. Kyle Chaney/C-A…2-2

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…1-4

4. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…4-3

5. Chance Haugen/Pol…2-6

6. Kory Willis/C-A…3-7

7. Coby Caraway/C-A…5-8

8. Cody Martin/Yam…9-5

9. Andy Ives/Pol…5-10

10. Corbin Leaverton/Pol…4-12

N/A UTV Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…3-1

2. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…4-3

3. Cole Keatts/Pol…5-4

4. Collin Truett/Pol…2-7

5. Kainan Baker/Pol…1-8

6. Koen Crawford/Pol…7-5

7. Shawn Hess/Hon…6-6

8. Myles Cheek/Pol…DNF-2

9. Jacob Gerken/Yam…8-DNF

10. Robert Stout/Yam…9-DNF


After 2 of 10 rounds:

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A…50/2

2. Kyle Chaney/C-A…44

3. Hunter Miller/C-A…40

4. Corbin Leaverton/Pol…29

5. Coby Caraway/C-A…26

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol…50/2

2. Cole Keatts/Pol…42

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…37

4. Shawn Hess/Hon…34

5. Collin Truett/Pol…34


1. Mar. 6…Midlothian, TX

2. Mar. 13…Midlothian, TX

3. Apr. 17…Midlothian, TX

4. May 8…Midlothian, TX

5. June 19…Midlothian, TX

6. July 17…Midlothian, TX

7. Aug. 28…Midlothian, TX

8. Sept. 25…Midlothian, TX

9. Oct. 16…Midlothian, TX

10. Nov. 6-7…Midlothian, TX*

* Double-header finale


Texplex Park

881 Miller Road

Midlothian, TX 76065

(972) 752-2223

Brian Adkinson, Race Director

[email protected]

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