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March 9, 2017
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Now you can thanks to the GATOR FOOT AMPHIBIOUS TRACK SYSTEM. You just ride your quad or UTV up on the middle platform between the pontoons, remove the wheels and hook up to the chain drives. Paul and John Wilson are the inventors of the Gator Foot. They have had years of experience building big amphibious equipment for industrial chores. Their machines have helped companies get work done out in the marshes of Louisiana.

gatorfoot 1

Paul and John thought it’d be a good idea to offer up something at a lower price that didn’t involve providing a big diesel motor with it. Something simple, that used an ATV or UTV as the propulsion. Here is what the Gator Foot looks like with a Yamaha Grizzly 4×4 hooked up to it. They have also designed one that fits a John Deere Gator and other UTVs.

gatorfoot 2

It’s not exactly a quick job, but you can convert your machine back to stock when the need arises. The Gator Foot drive system lowers the gearing of your machine to deal with the extra weight, but it can still reach a speed of 25 mph with the Grizzly.

gatorfoot 3

For more information on this unique vehicle visit their website www.gatorfoot.net or call (504)340-6147.

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